Beauty and Rigamarole - April 2017

Beauty and Rigamarole - April 2017
Beauty and Rigamarole - April 2017

Monday, August 29, 2016

Time "Marches" On - Tues., March 1, 2016

I am determined to bring my blog up to date. We now travel back in time to March 1. Susan and I met at Crownridge Canyon Natural Area for a 10k Volksmarch up around the canyon then into a new neighborhood next to the natural area. The walk was quite hilly.

The Crownridge Canyon Volksmarch route was changed a little this year. We used to do more of the walk on a busy street, but now it goes from the natural area over one block, then we climb the hill up into the new neighborhood.

In March, the bluebonnets were just starting to bloom
Redbud tree in full bloom
Once we left the natural area, we headed up into The Heights of Crownridge. We really wanted to tour an Open House or the sales home; however, it was not open on a Tuesday afternoon. We satisfied our curiosity by looking in the windows. Nice digs.

All new construction
Looks ready to move in
This one is occupied.
Buttercup (Rananculus macranthus)
With that, we each headed home. Another beautiful walking day.

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