Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.

Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.
Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Perched - Tues., July 9

Perched at the dining room window in the RV park, I witness all types of bird activity.

A few weeks ago, a golden-fronted woodpecker was assaulting our neighbor's window. (In the first photo, the bird is NOT pecking at the cable, I had an awkward photo angle.)

Golden-fronted woodpecker looking at itself in the window.
"Oh, hello, what bird are you?"
Golden-fronted woodpecker still examining the window.
Last week, the boat-tailed grackles were fluffing. (From Wikipedia: Fluffing = "In breeding season, males tip their heads back and fluff up feathers to display and keep other males away. This same behavior is used as a defensive posture to attempt to intimidate predators.") In the last of the three grackle photos below, look for the fanned out tail feathers and the pulled back wings. That grackle means business!

"Hey, you're invading my turf!"
"You better leave now."

"No, I think YOU should leave! Now!"
Today a golden-fronted woodpecker took a bath atop our neighbor's 5th wheel slide out. First it had to make sure the coast was clear.

"Am I safe?"

One wet bird - call it a wet-headed woodpecker.
Still checking the perimeter for intruders.
Wet bird flies into nearby tree.
Then there's the rusty blackbird. This is the first time I've seen this bird. The blackbird was drinking from the roof drain rail on the 5th wheel next door.

Rusty blackbird.
Rusty blackbird.
Rusty blackbird drinking water.
There is a new hummingbird feeder next door to us; the hummingbirds are already fighting over it. I have not been able to capture the hummingbirds in flight. The feeder is partially behind a tree, so it's not easy to catch the hummers at the feeder either. We will have to put up our hummingbird feeder outside our back window. Then the cats and I will be entertained by these fast feathered beauties.

While I'm on the subject of entertaining cats, I found the best cat toy to date at Walmart. It's called SmartyKat® Hot Pursuit™. The cost was $19.99 plus tax.* The toy takes three AA batteries (not included) to run the stick with a "mouse tail" around and around under the cover.

For over a week, this toy has kept two cats very absorbed in catching and killing the moving "tail" sticking out from under the cover. I haven't had to put the attachment with feathers on yet because they're already having so much fun. (And no, I don't make any money off of these things.) See photos below. Happy, entertained cats = happy kitty momma.

Bowie always defers to Sunnie. Sunnie gets to play first. Once Sunnie is out of the picture, Bowie goes to town. He is such a busy, intelligent cat. He has to figure out every way he can possibly play with something.

In the photo below, note Bowie's feigned disinterest while Sunnie plays.

Sunnie attacking from the cat cave (box).
Bowie's turn.

You can't see it in the following photo, but Bowie has the cover in his mouth and is dragging the toy across the floor. He loves doing that.

Here you can see the little red "tail".

Conked out after playing with the toy. Notice the evil eye from Bowie.
*While sitting in the vet's waiting room last week, Animal Planet had ads for this toy. If you called then, it was $19.99, plus you got an extra one free. "But wait! There's more" ... the lady sitting next to me and I laughed because it sounded so much like the Ginzu knife ads that used to be on TV, so I missed what else came with it. I didn't write down the phone number or website to order it, but when I saw it at Walmart, well let's just say, in advertising terms, it triggered TOMA (top of mind awareness).

I'm so happy I bought it. You can see the result in the conked out kitties above. Too cute.

Travel Bug out.


  1. The kitties are so cute! We have seen that toy advertised on TV too. Wish they made one for pups!

    You got some great bird pictures!

    1. Thank you and thank you again.

      The subject matter for bird photos is excellent.

  2. I saw those ads for the cat toy and was amused because the Russian Blue and the Himalayan both look exactly like my two cats.

    I think my cats would enjoy the toy but I would buy it as you did at Walmart. On the TV ad you have to pay separate postage and handling on each of the two toys. The postage and handling are costing the equivalent of a second toy.

    The golden fronted woodpeckers colors are amazing.

  3. I've seen ads for that toy on TV...hahaha!!! What we won't do to keep our furbabies happy!!!

  4. Boy, those birds are really loving the fun a fifth wheel brings! Great photos!

    I may have to get that toy for my grandcats...very cool!

  5. Great Bird pictures! Thanks for sharing


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