Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jobs -- Thurs., Apr. 11

As in looking for work. 2012 was a bad year financially for us. Bob found a good job in San Antonio and we are here for a little while. Unfortunately, his hours got cut in half. He is now looking for consulting work to supplement our income. He would like to consult as a controller/CPA. He has extensive background in roofing/construction accounting, estimating and project management.

I, too, have my application at temporary agencies looking for administrative assistant, transcriptionist or customer service temporary work. Ever since my fall, I planned to go to work. The timing was to go after I healed and the dental work was done. When Mom and Jan came to visit, I wanted to have the week off to sightsee with them, so April 1 became my date of looking for a job in earnest.

If you are in the San Antonio area and know anyone who needs a temporary admin assistant to help as fill in for an employee taking time off for childbirth, illness, vacation, etc., please let me know. I have over 20 years experience

Welcome to new follower Wendy B., she was a co-worker of ours at a roofing company in Hawaii. Hi, Wenz!! Howzit?


  1. I've snagged a few jobs through, which has all sorts of telecommuting/virtual assistant gigs. There's also and some others out there for freelancers. Good luck with the job hunt!

  2. All the best in finding a job. I lost my part-time position in 2010, but we are managing without my income. My husband retires next year. But it's tough for a lot of folks all over. You are not alone!

  3. It is so tough out there now. I wish you both success in the job hunting.

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  4. It's nice you're able to work a little bit when you need to. Good luck with the job search.

  5. Have you tried Craigslist? We start a six month gig as independent contacts for a roadshow at Costco, we found on there.

  6. Good luck with the job hunt. I know that can be frustrating but hopefully, an opportunity will present itself.

  7. Aloha Susan & Bob!!!
    I admire your Adventures and History sharing!!! I get your blog emailed to me everyday and I read it on my breaks at work... this Island of Oahu is so small compared to the HUGE USA!!! Blessings on your job search and Enjoy your weekend!!!
    Sending BIG HUGZ & LOTS OF ALOHA!!!


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