River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018
River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Moving from Belton to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin - Tues., Sept. 23

Woke up this morning refreshed and ready for the relatively short drive to Derge County Park in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. We hopped back on U.S. 151 (only 1.2 miles from Joy Lake Campground).

While we thought U.S. 151 was great through the countryside, we weren't aware when we got to Madison we had to take the Beltway (U.S. 12/U.S. 18) to get around Madison. We stayed on U.S. 151 right through the heart of downtown. Yikes. That was nerve-wracking! After we were into downtown, I remembered we had a brand new Rand-McNally Trucker's Atlas. I hauled it out and directed Bob onto a freeway and all was calm once again.

We made our way to Derge County Park in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, which will be our home for three nights. Kevin and Evelyn workamp at the park. (We knew they wouldn't be there when we arrived but they said we could camp in Site 2 and share their water spigot. They would return in the afternoon.) As long as we come during the week we shouldn't have any problem getting into a site. No kidding. The first night, we were the only ones camping except for them.

They invited us over for happy hour that evening after we got settled. Um, getting settled is another story. Here goes...

I have never backed the 5th wheel into a site before. With Bob's help, I got the 5er backed into Site 2. (No report on how many tries that took.) We got out our electric cord to share the electric post on Kevin and Evelyn's site...our 25' electric cord was too short. Then Bob got out the water hose (in fact we had two hoses connected together) and they were too short to reach the water.

Plan B: Change sites, but first fill up the fresh water tank with the fresh water hose at the dump station, and then move the 5th wheel to a site with the electric box closer to the rig. So that's what we did.

However, I had a horrible time backing into the site we chose. Bob and I just couldn't figure out how to get the 5er going the right direction. I couldn't even tell you how many times I backed up and went forward. It's embarrassing, but I guess you've got to start somewhere. We were taking so long, Kevin came over and offered to help. We gladly accepted.

With his direction we finally got Rigamarole in the site. Whew. What a sense of relief and jubilation. I did it! (Of course it was a team effort. The trailer is relatively straight and it's on the pavement. Sorry, Kevin, for driving all over the grass.)

Proud of my first back-in success
It took about 50 tries, but I did it!
Nice spot in a park next to a corn field.
Derge County Park
Below is Kevin and Evelyn's new Pinnacle. It's beautiful.

The remains of happy hour.
Evelyn and Kevin - camp hosts
After happy hour, we all rode into Beaver Dam to have dinner at Culver's. That was good.

Evelyn gave Bob directions on a three-mile route he could run from the campground. We talked about workamping at amazon.com because all of us have done it. We got the scoop on Fernley, Nevada, where we had worked in 2011, and the Kansas and Kentucky locations as well. 

Thanks, Evelyn and Kevin for being great camp hosts.

Travel Bug out.


  1. Backing is indeed a challenge in that it is just an unnatural act. Seems like it goes against all laws of Nature, eh? Turn the steering wheel this way to make the truck tires go that way, which makes the rig go this way. Yikes! One day it finally "clicked" in my head and made absolute sense. Of course, we'll see how I do next time . . . Well done for getting your home parked!

    1. It would be nice if it would click in my head. That would really help. Our whole combination of crew cab F350 and 34' 5th wheel is so long. I feel like a ship "coming about." (Although a boat comes about a bit easier than turning tires on pavement or grass.)

  2. You got it parked without "incident" and that is what counts. Good for you, now you can handle it by yourself if the situation ever arises.

  3. Wow, backing up a 5er is challenging even just in my head. Good job! On your way down, if Baraboo is in your route be sure to stop by there.
    Where is your final destination?

  4. One of these days, only time I tried backing up a trailer I ended up getting out and picking it up.

  5. No matter how long it takes, how many startovers, if you get parked relatively straight AND on pavement it is a success.

  6. Great job Susan,
    When we had our fifth wheel RV, we found it easier if Carol drove while I gave her navigation instructions from the ground. Carol also was a master of backing the truck when we hooked up the RV.


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