Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017
Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Blue Star Arts Complex - Tuesday, November 10, 2015

At 9 a.m., Susan and I met at Mission San Jose to sign in for the Mission Concepcion to Blue Star Arts Complex 13k volksmarch (walk). To start the walk, we drove to Mission Concepcion then walked to Concepcion Park to join up with the River Walk bike path.

As we do these walks it may be a couple of months between them. It's amazing how much growth and development happens in the intervening time. For example, the Blue Star Arts Complex, Guenther House restaurant, and La Tuna restaurant used to be the main attractions at Probandt and Alamo Streets. Now, however, multiple condominium developments have popped up along the way.

Great egret hunting along San Antonio River
Great egret
New condominiums along San Antonio River
The historic Pioneer Flour Mill dominates the skyline at Blue Star Arts Complex. At the base of the tower is historic Guenther House which houses a restaurant where we ate lunch.

The bridge sign was cooler than the bridge!
What is this bird?
For the life of me I can't figure out what bird we saw sitting on a light post. At first I thought it was a caracara, but the black cap isn't there. Then I thought maybe a northern goshawk, but wasn't quite right for that. So I also found the Aplomado Falcon, but it had a yellow belly. Does anyone know what kind of bird this is??

Mission Concepcion - a welcome sight...the end of the walk
After 13k, my feet were killing me. I guess they're not completely healed from our 20k walk at Palo Duro Canyon. We had a good walk with cloud cover so we didn't get too warm.

That's all I've got for today folks. Travel Bug out.

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