Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017
Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Six Flags Fiesta Texas All Day - Monday, Oct. 10, 2016

Or, how much fun can a person have in one day? 

It dawned on me a week ago Saturday night at Six Flags Fiesta Texas that I first rode the huge roller coaster at Pacific Ocean Park (POP) in Southern California with Mom when I was four years old. Next month I will be 64. That means I have been riding roller coasters for 60 years! And this is the first time I've had a season pass. Woo hoo.

Bob had to work today, so Susan, Darren and I met at Six Flags Fiesta Texas when they opened at 10:30 a.m. Susan told me she is having a problem with her retina in one eye so she can't go on any wild rides, only smooth ones. Darren and I went on Iron Rattler first thing. We didn't have a long line and made it to the platform before we had to wait. They only had one train running today so it took a while to actually get on the coaster. We were in the second row. It was awesome. 

From Iron Rattler we walked over to Sky Screamer, the swing ride on a 200' tower. Susan and I went on that. The views are amazing from the top! Take a look...

Sky Screamer
From Sky Screamer we headed to Fiesta Bay Boardwalk to do the Scooby Doo Ghostblasters Ride, Crows Nest Ferris Wheel, and Hurricane Force 5. All were rides Susan could go on.

Darren and Susan
We passed Batman: The Ride... 
Cars almost at the top on Batman: The Ride
...and Scream!
Scream! drop ride

Scooby Doo Ghostblasters
Below is Crows Nest Ferris wheel from the ground looking up. 
Crows Nest
The weather was gorgeous and we had great views from high up on the wheel.
Darren and Susan on the Crows Nest Ferris wheel

Me with Poltergeist coaster in the background
Batman: The Ride and Sky Screamer

The Poltergeist Coaster (above) is downright disorienting. Once you're locked into your seat with lap bar and seat belt, you're told to keep your head against the headrest. The coaster shoots out of the platform at about 70 mph and doesn't slow down until the end of the ride. As you can see looking at the tracks above, this coaster gets around, literally. At times you have no clue which way is up and which way is down.
Scream! Drop ride

Below is the Pandemonium roller coaster. This coaster has round cars that spin like teacups as the coaster makes its way around the track. Unfortunately, it was closed today. But that's okay we went on it the first time we were here. It's moderately exciting.
Pandemonium roller coaster
Batman: The Ride has the tracks on the side of the cars. Some cars face forward and some face backward, but once you head up to the top and go over, all the cars spin head over heels, forward and backward. Crazy ride. At one point, I was hanging from the pull-down bar/seat belt only (facing the ground). This is a thrill ride, for sure.

Batman: The Ride
Superman Krypton Coaster
Sky Screamer tower, Batman: The Ride, and
Iron Rattler in the background

After our great views from the Crows Nest, we went on one of the newer thrill rides: Hurricane Force 5. 

Hurricane Force 5
On Hurricane Force 5 you sit on motorcycle-like seats. The whole circular platform spins in a circle while you go up and down a track. We love it, it's different and relaxing.
Hurricane Force 5
By this time we were hungry and opted to eat lunch at Old Blues Bar B Q. Susan and Darren had to leave at 2 p.m. They opted to have funnel cakes for dessert at Mockingbird. 

We said our good-byes and I headed off to ride Goliath, the coaster with tracks on the top. It wasn't a very long line, so I rode it twice in a row. One time I waited for the front row so I could feel like a bird flying with no seats in front of me.
Goliath - the starting climb
Goliath barrel roll

It was a little after 2 p.m. and the park was open until 6, so I headed back to ride Iron Rattler. This time the line was much longer. I'd guess it took about 45 minutes to an hour to get on the ride. 

Once on the platform I looked for another single rider so we wouldn't have any empty seats next to us if we rode alone. I met a young man who is also a roller coaster fanatic. We compared notes on the amusement parks we had been to. He is from Vancouver, Washington, so we also talked about the former Jantzen Beach amusement park (a favorite hang-out when I was a teen-ager -- it was before his time, but he knew about the park) and Oaks Park. We both raved about Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, a roller coaster enthusiast mecca. He and his sister travel the world to go to amusement parks. Next year they are going to England.

Iron Rattler art
Iron Rattler art and the "snaking" line.
A scene from the Iron Rattler line
The "story" of Iron Rattler
Next to Iron Rattler is the Road Runner Express. We went on that coaster the first time we came. I didn't go on it today.

Road Runner Express Station
View of Road Runner Express from Iron Rattler line
Once the thrills of the Iron Rattler coaster were over, I headed to Poltergeist for another crazy ride. I got to sit in the front car, my favorite place. Of course I screamed my head off and couldn't figure out which way was up in that tangle of tracks.
Poltergeist station
After Poltergeist, I finished up my day by going on Superman Krypton Coaster and one last ride on Goliath on my way out of the park. 

Superman Krypton Coaster
Superman coaster station
With Halloween coming up in a few weeks, the park is decorated with all kinds of frightful scenes. I took photos of some of the tamer stuff...

Grateful Dead?

Want to go see this show

Any Young Frankenstein fans out there?
Time for me to go home. That was enough and the park was going to close in 1/2 hour anyway. We all had a blast! Can't wait to go back at night for more Fright Fest fun.

Travel Bug out.

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