Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017
Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Young Bucks and Towering Water, Part 1 - Sun., June 11, 2017

Clouds blanket the high plains between Meeteetse and Cody, Wyoming, as we drive to our start point for today's 10k walk in Cody. A chill is in the air, necessitating jackets and gloves, as we head out on the trail. Today is the first day in our 12 days of travel that I wear a sweatshirt under my windbreaker, and I'm happy for it until almost the end of our walk.

Moody clouds descend over Cody and we have a good view of them from the upper plateau/shelf/bench(?) where our walk takes place.

Overlooking Cody, Wyoming from an upper neighborhood
Strolling through beautiful neighborhoods with park-like backyards, we enjoy the view toward the northwest. Other walkers ahead of us, who have gone to the checkpoint and are coming back toward, tell us there are two deer across the river from the checkpoint. Sure enough, when we arrive, the two young bucks are still there, as content as can be.

Two young bucks in the 'hood.
The neighborhoods here are peaceful; we encounter no barking dogs or raucous children. Interesting sites in yards are few and far between, but we do see a few things we like.
A whole hedge of gorgeous yellow roses
Ford Falcon "Time Machine"
A new Retro White Water travel trailer
Pretty Glendale neighborhood park
About this time, I'm really needing a restroom, but none are mentioned in our walk directions. We head up a small hill to Markham Reservoir recreation area. Certainly, there must be restrooms here! 

As we come up to the main maintenance building, we see a sign for restrooms at the far corner of the building. Could they be open? 

Alas, there is a key code on the door. I see other Volksmarchers coming out. I try the door and the door opens. Apparently, no key code is needed this morning. Yay, relief!

Our walk takes us all the way around Markham Reservoir. The sweeping vistas, birds, and sidewalk chalk statements give this otherwise flat trail some local interest. 

Let me explain the sidewalk chalk statements. Someone had a whole lot of fun with the chalk. It looked like maybe there had been a run or bike ride through here, maybe over the weekend. The chalk statements said things like, "Throw your arms up in the air and shout 'Yahoo!'," "Yell happy birthday to the person you're with," "Do some zig-zags" [zig-zag pattern to follow on the trail], stuff like that.
"Enjoy the view"
"It's a beautiful day!!'
Markham Reservoir seating
for resting or birdwatching 
Markham Reservoir
Big vistas with dramatic skies
Volksmarchers going around the reservoir
An osprey fishing
View of Absaroka Bay Campground
We stayed at Absaroka Bay Campground in 2012 when we were on our Yellowstone/Grand Teton/Thermopolis swing through Wyoming. It's a perfectly nice campground, well-maintained, and clean, but there's not a lot of room on the sites. We were there for only one or two nights.

At Markham Reservoir there is an awesome bicycle course.

A very cool race course
This course is well cared for by volunteers
I love this sign...so true
Volksmarchers on the opposite side of the reservoir
"These boots are made for walkin'!"
Again, a stunning vista
After our walk, we went to breakfast/brunch/lunch with Mike and Kathy Schwencke. Yelp helped us choose our restaurant and it didn't disappoint. We went to Rocky Mountain Mo Joe. Turns out they had something for everyone: gluten free, low glycemic, breakfast or lunch. We ordered at the counter and, when the food was ready, they brought it to our table. Hint: The oatmeal is fantastic!

After food, it's time to head to Yellowstone National Park. "Go west, young man, go west!" and so we do, both men and women.

This is a good spot to transition to Part 2 of our day. To be continued...

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