Cafe on the Bay, Chesapeake City, Maryland - Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Cafe on the Bay, Chesapeake City, Maryland - Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Cafe on the Bay, Chesapeake City, Maryland - Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

RV Repairs, Re-Check, & Road Warriors - Wed.,Oct. 3, 2018

Wednesday morning, we were up early. It was time to head out on the road with Rigamarole (the Rig), our 5th wheel. 

For the past month, the Rig was at Texas Custom Coach in Pipe Creek, Texas, for repairs. Our 5th wheel is 2003 and needed some TLC. What we had done: new microwave, new black tank pull valve and seal, new seals on our dining area slide out, check the electrical system, check the propane and lines, new wheel bearings, replace heating duct in the basement, new water heater burner and electrode, ignition control on the furnace, check slide out rails and lube, repair water leak from outside running light into the corner of living room, replace entrance door bubble seal, and replace exterior bubble seal on slide.

We were going to pick up the 5er on Friday, Sept. 28, but the bearings had not arrived. In fact, the bearings were not there by Monday morning. Texas Custom Coach knew we needed the 5th wheel by Tuesday so we could load it up for our five-day camping trip. I was quite concerned, but they said, "Leave the panicking to us." So I did. They had it ready by Monday afternoon and we picked it up on Tuesday.

When we hooked up the electric at Traveler's World RV Resort, the new microwave didn't come on, the refrigerator didn't work, the front AC didn't work, and the propane stove didn't work. What?? Everything else electrical worked well.

I called Texas Custom Coach and they said to bring it by in the morning. Luckily, they were sort of on our way. As soon as we got there, they had three guys out to hook us up to 50 amp power and they checked our electric, which worked great. They suggested our surge protector might be the problem. Apparently, they can get rusty. So, within 20 minutes we were on the road headed for Davis Mountains State Park. 

Since our refrigerator hadn't cooled overnight, we stopped at a convenience store, bought two 10 lb. bags of ice. We put one bag in the freezer, and one bag in the crisper. That kept the fridge cool enough until we got to the state park.

Once we checked into the park, we set up the 5th wheel. The moment of truth: Will the electric work like it's supposed to without the surge protector? Yes! The microwave was on, the AC in the front of the 5th wheel worked, the refrigerator was cooling, and the electric ignition for the propane burners worked. Yay! I'll be taking the surge protector back to Camping World for a replacement.

Davis Mountains State Park is beautiful. It is situated in a valley with towering mountains all around. Historic Indian Lodge is at the end of one of the park roads. Indian Lodge has a Black Bear Restaurant right in the park. 

Davis Mountains State Park, site 56.
Davis Mountains State Park.
Many trails lace the park. You can hike to Ft. Davis National Historic Site, you can also hike to the top of the hill behind Indian Lodge. There is a Civilian Conservation Corps trail around the park as well. 

Skyline Drive goes to the top of the mountain in the park. We took a few drives to the top so we could get internet and phone service. More on that tomorrow.

As soon as we were all set up, we headed into Ft. Davis (4 miles) to look for a good place for dinner. We settled on the Ft. Davis Drug Store. There's an old-fashioned soda fountain in the Drug Store too! You order at the counter and they deliver the food to your table. This is one popular place. All the tables were full when we ordered, but we kept an eye out because one table was getting ready to leave. We did get a booth so we didn't have to sit at the fountain. Bob and I both ordered the Chicken Salad which was good.  I had a two-scoop ice cream cone for dessert. Bob helped me eat it.

Ft. Davis Drugstore
Great character and food.
Old-fashioned soda fountain.
After dinner, we took a drive to Prude Ranch which is where our West Texas Trail Walkers Weekend is being hosted in 2018. If you click on the photo below, it will enlarge so you can read it.

Prude Ranch
This weekend we plan to do four walks: Ft. Davis 5k (Bob and Susan Medlin 20k), Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute 5k, Prude Ranch 5k, and Davis Mountain Preserve (Nature Conservancy), I did 5k and Bob, Susan Medlin and quite a few others did the 12k. 

At Prude Ranch, we found Susan Medlin (she's staying there) in the Rec Hall working on a jigsaw puzzle with four or five other people. The puzzle was about national parks and was fun to work on, but the room had very poor lighting. Color is very important on a jigsaw puzzle, but it was difficult to see color variations in the light. After 45 minutes, Bob and I headed back to the campground.

Jigsaw puzzle group.
Puzzling over the puzzle.
With no internet at our campsite, we spent the evening reading. It was very relaxing. 

Tomorrow, we will be at Ft. Davis National Historic Site. Bob is doing the 20k worker's walk because he'll be volunteering on the day of the actual walk.

I should paint a picture of the West Texas Trail Walkers. They are known for their challenging hikes. Thankfully, they have easy and moderate walks/hikes as well. They only do one event per year, but it's a wonderful event. Each year they rotate where they have their hiking weekend, so they keep it fresh. Thank you to their club for all the work they put into the weekend. Bob and I joined their club. We look forward to many more walking weekends with them.


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