Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.

Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.
Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.

Monday, December 17, 2018

San Antonio River Walk is Awesome at Christmas - Sunday, December 16, 2018

At noon today, I went to Susan's house to work on a new 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. There is a new breed of puzzles out there designed to make putting the puzzle together more challenging. This particular puzzle, for example, shows beautiful nature photographs taken in the United States. The box warns, however, that the puzzle will not be exactly like the photo on the box. We worked on the puzzle for 3-1/2 hours, then I had to get home, and Susan and Darren had to get ready for the Volksmarch tonight.

Bob had texted to tell me he had a surprise waiting. When I walked in the door at home, Bob was making his yummy Chicken Enchiladas for dinner. The table was set and he had made a salad as well. We started out with chips and salsa. That was so sweet of him to surprise me with dinner. I love his cooking. Thanks, Bob! After dinner, we hung out for a while because we didn't need to be downtown until 7:00 p.m.

Tonight our Volksmarch started at historic VFW Post 76 on the Museum Reach of the River Walk. There is a new Cigar Deck there and Volksmarchers had the deck reserved to register walkers when they arrived. Eighty-nine people came out to walk with us on this 73-degree evening. The start window was 5:30-7:00 p.m. 

Our friends Susan and Darren Medlin were working at the registration table until 7:00 p.m., so we met them there. We decided on the 10k walk this evening. The 10k walk goes into the downtown portion of the River Walk, past the San Fernando Cathedral and Bexar County Courthouse, then returns to the VFW Post (7k). We added on the Museum Reach of the River Walk to The Pearl for 10k total. It's one of our favorite city walks of the year.

VFW Post 76 in San Antonio.
Heinz registering one of the last people to arrive.
John and Tina Bohnert signing in.
The new Cigar Deck at VFW Post 76.
Our first stop on the walk was at the musical Christmas tree atop the locks. The tree's lights are set to music. The show goes about every 15 minutes and we got there with 50 seconds left to the next show.

Musical Christmas tree.
The Museum Reach of the River Walk is called "The River of Lights" at Christmas time. Colored lights glow from under the water.

The River of Lights.
The top of San Antonio's newest skyscraper,
the Frost Bank Building.
When we got into the downtown core, we came off of the River Walk at Main Plaza where the gorgeous San Fernando Cathedral sits. It's fantastic lit normally, but if you really want to see a show, stay for "The Saga." It is the history of San Antonio in laser lights set to music and projected onto the facade of the cathedral. The show lasts 24 minutes and is shown Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 9:00, 9:30, and 10:00 p.m.  
San Fernando Cathedral with fountain.
San Fernando Cathedral.
 Across the street from the cathedral is the Bexar County Courthouse. This year's decorations make it look like a gingerbread house.

Bexar County Courthouse (right).
We went back down onto the River Walk and were thrilled with the fairyland of lights draping the tallest Bald Cypress trees and climbing up the sides of buildings. Photos don't do it justice...you have to be there.

A concert in Arneson River Theater at La Villita.
We walked through La Villita (the oldest neighborhood in San Antonio) and made our way to The Alamo, passing Hilton Palacio del Rio. The lights on the hotel reveal a green Christmas tree and the word "Love" in white, all on a red background.

Hilton Palacio del Rio.
Many horse-drawn carriages take tourists throughout the core area. 

Horse-drawn Cinderella carriage at Alamo Plaza.
We walked through Travis Park to see the City's Official Christmas Tree which is decorated with lots of 300s. (It's the city's 300th anniversary).

Travis Park tree.
Ornaments celebrate San Antonio's 300th year.
Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.
Then we walked back to the VFW Post along the river. 

Musical Christmas Tree at the locks.
The Musical Christmas Tree serenaded us on
our way back to the VFW Post.
At the VFW Post, we made a short stop to throw our jackets into the car. It was still so nice outside we were quite toasty. We had 3k left to do.

"The River of Lights."
Pearl Springs at The Pearl.
Pearl Springs - our turn-around point.
Susan and Darren Medlin.
We were almost done with our walk when we saw Santa fishing. It was a lovely evening walking with our friends!

Tomorrow, Susan and I are going to Simi's India Cuisine for their lunch buffet and then to see "Green Book."

Here's a photo of the last puzzle we finished.

Aaaand....here's a photo two photos of Sunnie in his hammock.

Good night all. 


  1. Think we need to visit San Antonio again during holiday season. I know I'm spoiled with Dave cooking all the time, every once in awhile I'll make something but Dave is the chief cook.

    1. Yes, you do. It's not that far from your winter home. Let us know if you're headed this way.

  2. Such an incredibly beautiful walk. You are blessed to live in San Antonio at this time of year for sure.

    1. Hey Sue,
      Good to hear from you. It is a great walk and mostly flat, except for a few stairs. I like how you said "this time of year." That's true, the summers are hot and humid. Thank goodness for AC!


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