Saturday, May 4, 2019

I Was A Homebody Today; Bob Wasn't - Saturday, May 4, 2019

Here is a more current blog since I'm a few weeks behind. 

Bob was gung-ho to see the brand-new American Civil War Museum in Richmond, Virginia. Saturday was the day to do it. In fact, Saturday was the grand opening, ribbon-cutting ceremony.

I, however, was done with Civil War History and opted to sleep in, clean the 5th wheel, and do laundry. To me, it seems like no matter where we go in the East and Southeast (even in Arizona at Picacho Peak!) there is yet more Civil War history. It was a battle that raged on, pitted brother against brother, killed thousands, and broke up families. On the other hand, it granted freedom to the oppressed slaves. It needed to happen, but it wasn't pretty. Bob says, "It's complicated." He'll explain later in another blog.

Anyway, Bob loved his day. Even though the new museum didn't live up to his expectations, he also went to Chickahominy Bluffs, Beaver Dam Creek, Gaines Mill, Cold Harbor Visitor Center, Petersburg (did a driving tour of Petersburg including the site of the crater), and City Point where Grant had his headquarters for the campaign. (And he says I schedule days tightly!)

At Cold Harbor Visitor Center, Bob talked with a Park Ranger for an hour and a half about the war. He said he really enjoyed that conversation. (It was a slow day at that visitor center.)

Meanwhile, back at Rockahock Campground (don't you love that name?), I did five loads of laundry because our next two campgrounds don't have laundromats (one state park, one fairground). With all the walking we've been doing, the laundry was a must.

Rockahock Campground in Lanexa, Virginia, is about half-way between Richmond and the Newport News area. We used it as a base for our explorations for six days. I thought you might like to see photos of it. 

A major fishing destination!
The dock at Rockahock Campground.
Some huge bass and catfish have been pulled out of the Chickahominy River here. They have photos posted in the campground office.

The docks to nowhere.
Beautiful cypress trees line the river here.
Campground office.
Walker's Dam Grill Restaurant next to the office.
We never had time to eat there.
Covered "amphitheater" for group events.
A Good Sam Virginia rally was happening this weekend.
There are yurts.
Their propane tank has seen better days!
Kid's rock climbing wall and playground.
A children's bounce "pillow."
Beautiful cabins for rent.
The pool looked like it hadn't been open for
quite some time.
Our site is in the front row, middle.
Our neighbors looked long-term with lots of junk in their site. The photo below shows our hook-ups for water, sewer, electric, and cable. Our site is on the right. You see the firewood and the picnic table? Those belong to the neighbors on the left. They are usurping "our" site. The picnic table is supposed to be on their brick pad to the left. I don't know why their firewood is on our site. Bob had to navigate around it to do our hookups.

Laundry room.
Sunset over the Chickahominy River.
So, we each had our own time and both of us did what we wanted (or needed, in my case) to do. Personally, I would love to go see "The Avengers: End Game," go to an art museum, and spend more time at gardens. 

Tomorrow, we drive to Lums Pond State Park in Bear, Delaware. The fastest way to get there is supposed to be I-95 around Washington, D.C., and Baltimore; however, we decided to take the longer, slower way up the Delmarva Peninsula.

That's it for Saturday.

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