Sydney Harbour Bridge, December 22, 2023

Sydney Harbour Bridge, December 22, 2023
Sydney Harbour Bridge, December 22, 2023

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

WestWorld and Chaparral Park 6 km Volksmarch - Tuesday, December 20, 2022

New Mexico entered our rear-view mirror today. Now, we are in Arizona headed for Scottsdale. After two very full driving days, we are ready to stretch our legs. 

Arizona: the Grand Canyon state.

First, we needed to check in to WestWorld RV campground in Scottsdale. This RV park is new to us. Normally, we would stay in one of the beautiful regional parks, but those involved long drives when we wanted to visit Bob's aunt Sally or his cousin Charis. 

WestWorld is five minutes from Sally's house, and seven minutes from Charis and Michael's home. The campground is spare: no trees, no toilets or showers close by, and the hookups are water and electric, with a dump station on the premises. But, it makes up for it by being close to where we want to be!

After setting up in our site, we drove to Chaparral Park for a 6 km Volksmarch. It was a lovely afternoon with a great sunset as we drove back to the RV park.

Entering the park at the lake off of
Chaparral Rd.

We were on the Indian Bend Wash Path.

It looks tropical with all the big palm trees.

American wigeon (female).
American wigeon (female in front, male in back).
The cormorant area of the lake.
Look at all these cormorants!
Fountains in the park.
Santa on a mailbox.
Bob by Jackrabbit Rd.
The canal.
Ring-necked ducks (male and female)
The canal looking toward the mountains.

Barrow's goldeneye.
Walking back on the other side of the lake.

A sundog in the clouds formed by ice crystals up high.


A beautiful Arizona sunset.

Thank you to the Saguaro Sun Striders for a lovely walk. I particularly enjoyed seeing birds I don't usually see. Bob liked reading the history (online later) of the Hashknife Pony Express Post Route. 

At night, there is a gorgeous horse statue lit with neon lights near the Bell Rd. entrance to WestWorld. 

It's good to familiarize yourself with the entrances to the WestWorld campground during the day. The entrance at Pima Rd. is easy; however, at the back entrance on the Bell Rd. side, you need to navigate in the daytime first. Many entrances/exits were gated closed, so we had to wend our way around horse arenas to find our way in at night. It was pitch black!!

Today was great. It was fun to walk Chaparral Park and along the canal after hours in the truck. Tomorrow, we will visit with Bob's family in Scottsdale.


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