Downtown Ketchikan, Alaska's First City - Thursday, August 10, 2023

Downtown Ketchikan, Alaska's First City - Thursday, August 10, 2023
Downtown Ketchikan, Alaska's First City - Thursday, August 10, 2023

Thursday, September 21, 2023

A Walk with the Vancouver 'Venturers Volkssport Club in Kitsilano, British Columbia - Thursday, September 21, 2023

Bob and I arrived a few days early for Vancouver Walkfest 2023. Tuesday was our day to rest and recuperate from the Central Oregon Walking Weekend. On Wednesday, we did the Kensington/Queen Elizabeth Park 10 km Volksmarch (see the link to that blog here). 

Today, we are doing a 10 km group walk with the Vancouver 'Venturers Volkssport Club called Kitsilano/West Point Grey - Jericho Beach Park. Our drive from the RV park was enjoyable and took about 25 minutes. 

Vancouver, British Columbia, does not have a freeway through downtown, so Garmin took us to the least crowded streets. As we passed through town, a couple of things caught my eye. 

The sculpture below is so colorful and unique. The tall figures look like cars on stilts, while the short figures look like dogs. Here is a link to an article about this piece of "sidewalk" art.

"PACE IN SPACE!" by Pedro Reyes (2023).

Burrard Street Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia.

We arrived 30 minutes prior to the walk start time so we could sign in, pay our walk fee, meet the local club members, and receive our directions. There were two walks available, a 5 km and a 10 km. We opted to do the 10 km walk. 

We met so many people all at once! I can remember John, Frank, Dianne, Susan, Suzanne, Aileen, Patricia, and Sharon. They were warm and welcoming to us.

We were unprepared to pay our fee in Canadian dollars; we hadn't exchanged money yet. Bob and I went to the bakery next door to buy pastries and hopefully get change in Canadian dollars. That didn't work, they don't change money at that location. Our walk organizer graciously accepted our American dollars (and we had a pastry to share).

In Texas, we only do a few group walks, usually for a special occasion. Normally, people arrive, sign in, and start walking. 

Not so in Vancouver, the Vancouver 'Venturers have four group walks a week. Today, our group was about 35 people. They said that's a small group; most times they have 70-80 people! 

We divided into groups; one group headed out on the 5 km walk, and we joined the 10 km group. In our group, we split up into medium and fast walkers. 

Wow! I am a fast walker, but not fast enough to keep up with these serious trekkers. If I stopped to take a photo, I found myself a block behind the group, and I had to run to catch up!

Bob and Patricia.

At the beginning of the walk, we passed by some beautiful homes. 

The Vancouver 'Venturers Volkssport Club walkers.

Pretty homes on a hill.

Throughout the neighborhoods, Bob had been chatting with Patricia right behind Aileen and me. They even corrected us when we missed a turn. It was when we got to Chancellor Blvd. that I realized Bob and the rest of the medium-paced group weren't behind us anymore.

I walked along busy Chancellor Blvd. with Aileen for a short distance and then we turned right onto Spanish Trail. After a short distance, we turned onto Chancellor Trail. We were in Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Spanish Trail, Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

When the large group ahead of us reached the washrooms, they were going to wait for the rest of us. However, after everyone in the fast group used the facilities, no one else showed up. The leader of the group decided they needed to press on. 

Signboard and map with trail info.

Swooping owls? Really? How exciting!
We didn't see any, though.

I had a dilemma. Bob wasn't anywhere to be found. Where was he??? I had the directions and he didn't. I thought he was with people who had directions.

The group took off from the washrooms and I decided I'd better keep up. I called Bob to find out where he was. He wanted to go faster than the group he had been with and split off from them. He was somewhere in the park; he wasn't sure where. I explained to him where we were. It's a huge park and he didn't know if he was anywhere near us. 

Meanwhile, I was texting him, talking to him on the phone, and trying to run down the trail to keep up with everyone. I wasn't able to take many pictures today and the ones that I did take, I took on the run!

I finally made it down East Canyon and Admiralty Trails. Once I got out of the trees, I crossed Marine Drive to the gravel trail by the water. At that point, I could see the group about 1/4 mile ahead of me. I called Bob again and told him where I was. Somehow, he got ahead of me and had to walk back to meet up with me. At least he was ahead of the group and not behind us. When he got back to me, we were the last ones in the fast group. We had 4 km left in our walk and we spent 2 km walking along the water. It was a gorgeous day!

Looking across Burrard Inlet toward West Vancouver,
British Columbia.

Looking across English Bay to Vancouver,
British Columbia, from Jericho Beach Park.

There were little cafes at all the beach parks.

Looking across Burrard Inlet to 
West Vancouver, British Columbia.

Looking across English Bay to Vancouver,
British Columbia, from Jericho Beach Park.

We walked from Spanish Banks Beach, past Locarno Beach, and through Jericho Beach Park. The rest of the group was so far ahead of us, we could barely see them. There was a "sweeper" who stayed with us to make sure we got back to our starting point. 

Thank you, Vancouver 'Venturers for a walk in Kitsilano. This is a place we wouldn't have walked this trip if it weren't for you. The views from along the Inlet were wonderful.

When this group walks, they usually go to lunch afterward. Today was the exception and no one planned to go to lunch. Aileen volunteered to go with us since no one else was going to. 

We had some errands to run and there was a place near the RV park we really wanted to try for lunch. We went to the Savary Island Pie Co. in West Vancouver. One of their pies of the day was Chicken Pot Pie. Bob and I each had a slice and it melted in our mouths.  

In West Vancouver, in addition to lunch, Bob exchanged some U.S. currency for Canadian dollars, loonies, and toonies. It had been a fast-paced morning, so we took it easy in the afternoon. 

Sailing mural in West Vancouver.

This cool mural is on a fish market.

The totem pole at the entrance to
Capilano River RV Park where we're staying.

In the evening, Bob wanted to explore on his bicycle. He rode bike paths all over West Vancouver and loved it!!

Tomorrow, Bob and I will do the 10 km Downtown Vancouver "Canuck City" walk on our own. That way we can take all the time we want to explore, have lunch, and take photos.

Keep on trekkin'!


  1. I live in Vancouver’s Kitsilano. That walk you did through the forest and along the beach is one of the the best ones. Glad you could do it in relatively good weather.

    1. The weather was perfect on Thursday for the group walk! I loved walking on the East Canyon Trail. Bob missed it when he was lost.

  2. Hi Susan -- Your blog highlights an interesting issue: the local walking club members attend the walk for some exercise and social interaction and visitors want to take pictures and enjoy the scenery- we need to find a happy medium so your Vancouver Venturers experience can be better - We are very happy you came to Vancouver and appreciate your support of our festival. Hope to see you both again at another walking festival.

    1. Hi, Doug. We understand and enjoyed the camaraderie when we all met at the beginning of the walk and enjoyed good conversation. We love your city and look forward to seeing you in Kingston, Ontario, in May.

      Susan & Bob


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