River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018
River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bob, Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Man - Sun., Dec. 7, 2014

If you think you've had a tough day, you could be like Bob, out running the San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll Marathon today. That's 26.2 miles on hard concrete or asphalt. Think of the pounding your feet and knees take. Ouch!

Bob has been running marathons for eight years and has run about 34 of them. He started running marathons in Honolulu, Hawaii, in honor of memories of his dad running marathons. To train, he joined a Team in Training group in Washington state when we lived in the Tacoma area.

Bob finishing his first marathon in Honolulu, Hawaii (2006)
Finisher's tent (feels good to sit down!)
Finisher's T-shirt
Bob by fish mosaic at Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu (2006)
Over the years, Bob has run in many different locations either training for marathons or running in them. His favorite training runs were done along rivers in Austria and Germany.

In early 2007 we moved to Makakilo on Oahu, Hawaii. Bob joined a running group called Runner's HI. He ran with them religiously and we became part of the Runner's HI ohana (family). During the five years we lived in Hawaii, we traveled to Maui, the Big Island, and Kauai on numerous occasions where Bob completed marathons with his friends. He loves the sound of the ocean and tropical scenery.

Runner's HI ohana, Honolulu, Hawaii (Bob and I in back row)
Big Island marathon in 2008. (6 hrs, 33 min., 21 secs)
Eugene, Oregon marathon
Bob finishing the Eugene marathon
Kauai marathon registration display
Setting up for Kauai marathon first aid - Bob hamming it up.
Not only does Bob like to run marathons...he became a Marathon Maniac. In order to become a Marathon Maniac, you have to complete one of the levels. I think Bob has made it to the Silver Level, but you can go up even more levels to the Titanium Level. Me, I think they're crazy. But to each their own. I'll stick to walking, thank you.

Some of the Marathon Maniacs of Hawaii
Hilo Marathon finish, March 2009
Dinner at Cafe Pesto in Hilo, HI - March 2009
Kona, HI Marathon finisher (2009)
Maui Oceanfront Marathon - January 2009
Maui Oceanfront Marathon - January 2009
Kauai Marathon - Sept. 2010
Back to today's marathon. Estimate is that 25,000 people entered the marathon in one of its forms: Kid's Race, 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, Bike Ride, Wheelchair Race. About 3,500    signed up for the full marathon and 14,000 signed up for the half marathon. All 50 states were represented and people came from 13 countries. Twenty-six live bands performed along the route.

The race went past Travelers World RV Resort...twice. What a wonderful group of people at Travelers World. We had many people out cheering for Bob at both places as he passed the park. Bob said it means so much to him to have that much support. He was so pleased. Thank you to everyone who came out to cheer for him and give him High 5's!

Here are some photos from today's San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll Marathon...

Betty Ann, Marlene, Rod, Jocelyne, Newt, Steve and ?
A group of Rock 'n' Roll Marathon runners
Travelers World RV Resort is on the marathon route.
Pretty stylish ladies!
Terry cheering on the runners.

Pam, Bob E., Brenda, Ralph, Terry, Jocelyne, Lincoln and Chloe
Bob crossing the San Antonio River bridge
Bob coming up on Travelers World
Loved this girl and her sign!
Bob with 4-1/2 miles left to go.
Soon he'll be crossing the finish line. The end.
Bob finished the marathon (26.2 miles) in 6 hours, 35 minutes, 34 seconds! Way to go, Bob. Yayyyyy!
Bob with his bling
The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon medal.
Now for some Papa John's Pizza and beer!


  1. It is wonderful that he is able to do that! Don't think I'd be smiling like that at the end. We used to be runners but now both of us have knee problems. Guess Bob has strong joints!

    1. Congrats on your running. Bob does not have strong joints. He has had one knee operated on already. But he loves running! Don't see him stopping anytime soon.

  2. Congrats to Bob. I know how hard it is to train for and run a marathon. Great job!

    1. Thanks, Linda. I saw you just did one recently too. You guys are crazy people. LOL.

  3. Congratulations, Bob. I bet it was a very difficult task to run in Honolulu, Hawaii....lol
    I love the little girl's sign.

    1. It was definitely difficult to run in the Hawaiian heat and if there were no trade winds blowing it would be humid too. Even worse than Honolulu was Kona, Hawaii running roads through black lava with no shade in sight for miles.

  4. Congratulations Bob, but like you Susan I'll stick to walking.

    1. We can be the cheerleaders while they run.

  5. WOW is all I can say. After running a 10 miler, it was clear there would be no marathon in my future. WAY TO GO BOB!

    1. Good for you...10 miles is nothing to sneeze at. Definitely no marathons in my future!

  6. Big applause for Bob for doing so great -- and for you for hanging in there. Hub got into marathons Big Time when we lived on Oahu. We made some of the same treks you did, his Big Goal being Boston. That done, he pulled back a bit and life became more normal. I mean, running's great, but, sheesh, one can also take a taxi!

    We're hitting the road this holiday for Asheville, then Virginia's mountains. This past move was a bear so it'll be grrrreat to be footloose and carefree again.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Wow! When did you live in Oahu? We were there from 2006 to 2011. What part of Oahu did you live in? We were in Kapolei. Bob is not fast enough to qualify for Boston. He runs just because he loves running.

      Are you going to the Biltmore Estate? We were there a few years ago and loved it. It will be decorated for Christmas now. Have fun. Sounds like a wonderful time.


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