Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017
Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Only Worry in the World ... Is the Tide Going to Reach My Chair? - Thursday, October 8, 2015

A couple of years ago on our trip to Yellowstone we drove through many areas where the only music on the radio was country western. Aaack! The lyrics made for a good paragraph in my blog in 2012.

Today, as we drove through the middle of nowhere, Bob turned on the country western music station. The song that tickled my ears was "The Only Worry in the World ... Is the Tide Going to Reach My Chair?" It just seemed off on so many levels. First, what's a cowboy doing singing about the ocean? Second, how can that be his only worry? I guess maybe if he's a paniolo from the Big Island of Hawaii he'd have a reason to be singing those lyrics. Then again, why am I over-analyzing a country western song? Sheesh.

Our drive today was pleasant. We had no rain but saw one town that obviously had a huge downpour in the past day. Massive puddles, ponds in fields, and water standing at the side of the road attested to that.

Our destination for today
To get to Amarillo, we passed through a lot of flat land with not much on it.

Active sky but we only had a few drops on the windshield
Long, empty stretches of road.
A pretty picnic area
Kitty travelers: Bowie (in the tube)
and Sunnie (in the box)
Once in Amarillo, we checked in at Fort Amarillo RV Resort. While Bob checked us in, I went into Lizzy Mae's Gift Shop. The shop's name is spelled wrong in my book. It should be Lizzy's Maze. A person could get lost in there. But what a fun store! Not nearly enough time to look at everything so I will definitely be going back!

For lunch we chose Red Robin because it's close and it's good. On our Amarillo bucket list were Cadillac Ranch and Jack Sisemore RV Museum. Both would fit nicely into our afternoon.

On our way to Cadillac Ranch, we saw Oasis RV Resort and decided to take a drive around for future reference. It's a very nice park, new, and a little stark. But the sites are big and they have nice amenities. We wouldn't want to stay there and have our 5th wheel become part of a new collection!

Spacious sites, but very stark landscaping
We had to laugh at this! Is this what
happens if you don't pay your bill?
Another shot of Oasis RV Resort sites - good for big rigs!
Cadillac Ranch is a bunch of old Cadillacs buried nose-in in a field. Today that field's name was MUD. The thing to do here is buy spray paint, then walk out into the field and add your spray paint art to the already over-painted Cadillacs. While it would be fun on a nice dry day, there was no way you could get us out in that mud bog of a field today! As we drove by, we watched people who had gone out trying to clean the red caliche mud off their shoes. Yuck! We had enough of that when we worked in the oil fields. Here are some photos taken (with zoom) from our truck...

Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch
Who thinks of these things?
Who does think of these things? Turns out it was three guys in San Francisco who were looking for a sponsor for their art project. They found a wealthy sponsor, Stanley Marsh III, who lived in Amarillo and wanted the project to go on land he donated in Amarillo. And then Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about it. The rest is art history. LOL. Now it's a mecca of sorts for Bruce Springsteen fans and others who have heard about it (like us).

Driving back to the freeway from Cadillac Ranch we found Cadillac Ranch RV Park. It's fun to get out and walk around, take photos, but we wouldn't stay there. It's very much a man camp.

Cadillac Ranch RV Park display
Part of the display
Check out those fins!

Next stop: Jack Sisemore RV Museum. Jack Sisemore is an RV dealership in Amarillo. The owner had a passion for RVs and motorcycles. They started the museum so people would have something to do while they waited for repairs to be made on their rigs. We were mesmerized. As Bob said, "It exceeded our expectations."

A wall of motorcycles
1937 Kozy Kamp tent trailer
Blue and white trailer is a 1936 Alma
(Note: There are RVs and motorcycles hanging from
the ceiling!)
Inside the Alma
Bob in front of a Harley Davidson 45
Old scooter
Below is a 1941 Westcraft trailer -- a very rare Trolley Roof model. Westcraft was a Los Angeles company that manufactured top of the line trailers in the 1940's and 1950's.

1941 Westcraft trailer
 Who doesn't remember these psychedelic VW vans from the '60's?

VW van
If you've seen the movie "RV" with Robin Williams, you'll remember the bus below. It was the bus driven by the Gornike family in the movie. This bus was modified for the movie.

1948 Flxible
Interior of 1948 Flxible
1962 "Bambi" Airstream.
Below is a beautiful quilt hanging on the wall behind the "Bambi" trailer above. It looks like all of someone's travel destinations were put into the quilt.

One of the panels
Then there's this piece of history...the very first Winnebago Itasca, Serial #0001, built in August 1974.

Here's the 1975 Itasca
Interior of the Itasca
Itasca kitchen
1962 Bethany pop-up with the original "Mod Squad" interior
This is the story of the trailer below...
1953 Fleetwood
Here's the new hair color.
1973 Winnebago

Bob found a car to match his outfit.
These little doghouse trailers are for sale on the
internet starting at $800. They're bigger than they look.
As we finish our day, I realize I have not taken any photos of Fort Amarillo RV Resort, which is fine. There are plenty of photos here already. I will post some tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will be doing a 10k Volksmarch at Wildcat Bluff Nature Center which is not very far from where we're staying. Saturday we plan to do a very strenuous 20k (12.4 mile) Volksmarch (Comanche Trail) at Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Saturday night will be a "A Trip to Italy" banquet put on by the West Texas Trail Walkers Volksmarch Club. On Sunday will be our final 10k Volksmarch (the Lighthouse Trail), also at Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

We're looking forward to a wonderful weekend. Travel Bug out.


  1. we actually took spray paint cans and sprayed one of the cars with Where's Weaver. at Cadillac Ranch. We totally missed the RV Museum. Thanks for the tour.

    1. It sounded like fun to spray paint the cars and go a little wild, but I wasn't going to muck about in the field to get to them.

      If you're ever in Amarillo again, check out the Jack Sisemore RV Museum.

  2. Glad to see you guys hitting the road for a bit! Have fun!

    1. We're loving learning about Amarillo. My blogs are going to have lots of history and info about facts that are like "Who Knew?" In fact, I may have to make that a separate blog.

      Today's 20k hike on the Comanche Trail (going up to the rim from the valley floor and walking both ways along the rim) about did both of us in. The early morning going up was fine; however, coming down there were too many ups and downs and it was HOT! We stopped so much on the way down because we were both exhausted and hot. We ran out of water about 1/2 mile from car. I told Bob once was enough on that trail. I would not do it again. By the time we were about half-way down I dropped a few swear words about the designers of the trail.

      In addition to our Volksmarch, Palo Duro Canyon State Park also scheduled a mountain bike race on the same trails our Volksmarch Club is hiking, on each of two days! The organizer of the mountain bike race had the audacity to tell our organizer that "we" have a problem. Our organizer didn't know right away who was telling him that so he responded, "WE don't have a problem, either you have a problem or we have a problem. Which is it?" Our event was scheduled over a year ago. Theirs was not made that long ago.

      So tomorrow, the mountain bikers are going to do the same trail we're doing, but they're going to start 1/2 hour before us. We'll see how that goes.

  3. Heading to Palo Duro Canyon in another week or so, looking forward to seeing your pictures from there. Enjoy your volksmarching.

    1. Thanks. Too bad we're missing each other.

  4. There's more interesting stuff in Amarillo than I would have thought! I love the RV museum! It's so neat to see the evolution of RV's!

    1. Yes, lots of interesting stuff. That will be a separate blog...all the stuff we learned about Amarillo.

  5. What a fabulous museum. It would be worth a stop in town just to see that. We loved Palo Duro Canyon. Should be a fantastic hike.

    1. Great hike, but it was way too hot today. Going to be even hotter tomorrow!

  6. Jack Sizemore RV Museum is one of the best kept secrets in Amarillo. We thought that was a cool place for RVers to visit. We enjoyed our 6 month stay at Amarillo Ranch RV during the blustery winter of 2014.

    1. We didn't see Amarillo Ranch RV Resort. Is that the one at Sisemore's?


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