Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017
Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Our Interesting Day - Tues., March 7, 2017

Hi, Bowie and Sunnie (the cats) taking over the blog. 

A few days ago our people slid in the walls, secured them, and made our home mobile: as in a bumpy, scary, noisy, nauseating ride. Dad drove us about 20 minutes away then he came into the home and put out our water and food. He left us...all day! Holy meows, Catman, why did you do that?

All day, we heard horribly loud hissing, screeching, and clanging. Our home moved around, but no one came to see us. 

We napped a little part of the day. But mostly we waited for Mom and Dad to come back to tell us everything would be okay.

Eons later in cat time, Mom and Dad came inside to visit us and love us. They opened the door so we could see out the screen door. Large mobile units surrounded us. Then the hissing started again. We ran and hid.

After a short while, we were mobile again. We hoped they were taking us home!

Oh, happy day. A short time later we were back in our home spot and the walls were put out. We gots lots of kittie loves, hugs, and food and treats. Now we're purring.
Happily home, no worse for wear.

Hi, Susan here reclaiming the blog. On Tuesday morning, we were up early getting our 5th wheel ready to go in for much-needed repairs and our annual inspection. Bob dropped me off at the RV park office and he took the 5th wheel to Billy Bob's Repair & Tire in Elmendorf, Texas, about 12 miles from Traveler's World RV Resort. He went to work for the day.

At the end of April, we are taking off on a two-week trip to Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida. Before we go, we have to get our 5th wheel inspected so we can get our license plate tags.

New tires were high on our list of needs. Plus, our 5th wheel stairs had one bolt that broke a while back. We had a new bolt with a lock nut put on the stairs. While they were working on the tires, we had our hubs greased and wheel bearings repacked.

Another repair we needed was to have our two rear side window seals replaced. During heavy rains water leaked in and soaked the carpet in the two rear corners of the living room.

Billy Bob's Tire & Repair did an awesome job with the work. Everyone was so nice. When we went back at 5:50 p.m., just before they closed, we asked if they had put one of the tires they took off as one of our spare tires. They hadn't. 

We dropped our spare tire only to find it was the original spare tire from 2003. The mechanics stayed a little late and used one of our 2011 tires to mount on our spare tire rim. We are very appreciative that they were able to do all the work in one day so we didn't have to spend the night on their lot. 

We highly recommend Billy Bob's. Not only do they have their shop 12 miles away from south San Antonio (right off I-37) they also have mobile service that will come out to the RV park if you can't move your rig.

We are happy customers and the cats, I'm happy to report, are back to normal.

TravelBug out.

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