Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Tying up loose ends" day & upcoming parties - October 12, 2011

Honolulu, HI: You probably have days like this from time to time...loose ends lying around just needing to be tied up. Today was that day for me.

1. In order to go to work for, a copy of your diploma or school transcript is required. With all the packing and moving of our possessions, I could NOT find my high school diploma anywhere. (I'm hoping it's in storage at Mom's house.) Amazon needed the diploma by last Friday. I had requested it from my high school last week and thought they were taking care of it. Wrong. Apparently my email request went to someone who didn't do anything with it, even though they said they did. 

Last Friday, I called the school and left a voice mail asking about the status of faxing my transcript to I got a lovely lady on the phone Monday morning letting me know she didn't know what happened to the original email. She gave me the correct number of the person who could help me. got a copy of the transcript today.

2. Shipping my car from Hawaii to Seattle requires either a title showing ownership, a lien release form from my lender, or a letter from the lender stating it's okay for the car to travel across the ocean. My car was paid off October 4, but I didn't have enough time to receive the title in the mail by today. A week ago last Friday, I called Ford Credit and asked for a letter or proof that the car is mine with no more lien. The lady I spoke to said she could have a fax to me within one to two days. My car is scheduled to ship TODAY. This paper is required for the car to be put on the ship. The fax never came. Six people later at Ford Credit, the lien release was FINALLY faxed this morning. I was sweating bullets thinking my car would not get on this sailing. We did get the car on the sailing today however.

3. Drug test for employment. Both Bob and I got tested today. It took over an hour wait to get into the clinic they referred us to. It was a total zoo.

4. The biggest loose end we have to tie up is giving our beloved kitties away. No one has responded to my ads on craigslist. I already gave my love-a-cat, Captain, to the Humane Society. Next week, I will hand over the remaining two, Rama and Oreo, to the Humane Society. This is truly heartbreaking. Actually, one lady did respond to the craigslist ad, but I would not hand my cat over to her. She was scary...enough said.

Wow, we have amazing friends. This Friday night, Bob's Marathon Maniac group is having a big farewell party (20 people) for us at Sam Snead's Tavern. On Saturday night, Bob's four closest friends from the running group are taking us to Souvaly's, our favorite Thai restaurant. On Sunday morning, we are going with our friends for brunch at the Officer's Club on Kaneohe Marine Corps Base. Next Tuesday I am going for happy hour and a movie with my friends from work. This is all so bittersweet saying goodbye to our Hawaii ohana (family). Thank you so much for your kindness. We're looking forward to spending time with you before we go.

I got to thinking about where we're going. In Hawaii it's usually about 87 degrees. We're headed to Fallon, NV in winter where the temperature is around 17 degrees--that's a 70 degree temperature difference! Wow, we're gonna be chilly!



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