Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017
Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lake Mead, Nevada - Thurs. 2/27

Today we set aside time to relax and meet Steve and Joan who write the blog Friends of Steve and Joan. They are volunteers at Lake Mead and their campground is only a mile down the road from us. We invited them to come over. Steve was out at the library doing taxes. When he returned to their MH, they would give us a call. They came over mid-afternoon and we talked for a couple of hours.

Steve and Joan
As we were saying our "see ya laters," they said, "If you have any extra time give us a call." A few games were brought up that we had never played. Of course we're always game for a new  game.

After they left, Bob and I discussed when we could get together again and thought that this evening would be best. Bob went for a run up to the Visitor Center and I wrote my blog for yesterday. Here are a couple of photos taken from our RV site.

Looking from our dining room window toward Lake Mead.
Looking toward the mountains behind our RV park.
I called Joan and asked if this evening would work to get together; she said yes they were just hanging out. We headed over to their motorhome and were warmly welcomed. Steve came out to our truck with a flashlight so we could see a path to their door.

They taught us a card game called Golf which was very fun. After 15 hands the person with the lowest score wins.

Then we played Liars Dice. Joan wiped us out one by one.

The last game, Qwirkle, was the one that you really had to think  about and use strategy on. The game was challenging and fun. You could almost hear the brain cells growing stronger.
Our final Qwirkle board.
Steve made peanut brittle that was very fresh and yummy. We snacked and had a great evening connecting with Steve and Joan.

Steve with a batch of his home made peanut brittle.
It should come as no surprise that we had a lot in common. They started full-time RVing about the same time we did and worked at amazon.com the winter after us. Their current volunteer position is to drive all the roads around Lake Mead, watch for people off-roading where they shouldn't be, and look for anything unusual or out of the ordinary.  If they see anything, they document it with photos, write a report and hand it over to park rangers.

Our evening was well spent. You can bet we'll be spending more time with Joan and Steve in the future as our paths cross.

New topic: Our cat Bowie is just so darned cute! Here he is:

Tomorrow we're off to Henderson to spend the day with Bob's family.

Travel Bug out.


  1. Hi, this is the first time I had time to look at blogs I follow in over a month. Noted about the smoking brakes. If your fiver doesn't have disc brakes I very very highly recommend them. What a wonderful difference they make in braking all the time, not just on mountain driving. Now I'll be looking up those new games. Thanks

  2. Just going back thru your post I missed and must comment on the wonderful photo's and the great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We like to play Qwirkle too. For even more of a challenge you should try Qwirkle 3D. The pieces are cubes with shapes on each side. Glad you're having a great trip!

  4. We enjoy playing games also. Qwirkle looks like a very interesting game. Glad you had a wonderful time enjoying each other's company.

  5. Steve and Joan are nice folks. We have crossed paths a couple of times and have collaborated to work together at Crazy Horse this summer, one of the reasons we are so looking forward to this coming year. :-)
    Looks like you guys are having a nice trip. We'll try and hold the fort down here in South Texas for ya! :-)

  6. Glad you guys enjoyed the games. We had a lot of fun sharing experiences. I'm sure we'll catch up with you guys again in some other beautiful location. Enjoy your family!

  7. Great views and lots of fun going on for you. So glad.


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