River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018
River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Birth of a New Volksmarch? - Sun., Aug. 10

A couple of weeks ago, Bob showed me a great trail where near where we live. It's shady which is a plus in the 100-degree South Texas heat. South Side Lions Park is near the intersection of Southcross and Pecan Valley in south San Antonio.

This morning Bob, my friend Susan, and I took the walk to see if it fit the criteria for a new Volksmarch in San Antonio. We started out with a one-mile circle around the lake in the park and then crossed the bridge over Salado Creek on the Salado Creek Greenway Trail. On the lake, we saw a momma black-bellied whistling duck with 13 (!) ducklings. Cutest sight of the day. Enlarge the photo to see how adorable the ducklings are. The momma was whistling to her brood as they moved away from the shore.

Black-bellied whistling duck and 13 ducklings
The walk passes through a densely forested area from South Side Lions Park, through Comanche Park to Covington Park. To make a complete 10K Volksmarch, we continued on 1/2 mile past Covington Park, then turned around and walked back to the start point. The trail follows Salado Creek most of the way.

Trail sign with the usual flash flood warning
A patch of Pigeon-Berry (Rivina humilis).
We did the 6.2 mile walk in two hours. Time flew by because we had great conversations along the way.

The trail is very popular with bicyclists who did a good job announcing their presence on the trail today. That makes it a lot less stressful for us walkers who fear getting hit by a bike that we don't hear coming.

Susan will present the proposed new Volksmarch to the Randolph Roadrunners Volksmarch Club in San Antonio to see if they would like to add it as a year-round event (YRE).

Bob went in for his follow-up with the cardiologist. While in the doctor's office, he was in atrial fibrillation again. His doctor wants him to have another cardioversion. That is scheduled for August 19. After cardioversion, if his heart goes back into normal sinus rhythm, all is good. If his heart doesn't cardiovert to normal sinus rhythm, then the doctor is recommending a more thorough ablation procedure which will scar more of his heart tissue. We're pretty disappointed in this turn of events. Bob truly hoped his last procedure would make his heart "like a 17 year old." (Kidding of course.)

Thursday through Saturday I worked in the RV park office. It was pretty quiet so I was able to complete Carefree RV Resorts Training Program with three modules: hospitality, the front desk, and reservations. I learned some good information; namely, that I tend to be too business-like and efficient, and need to be more fun and friendly. That gives me something to do to improve myself.

Susan and I plan to see "The Hundred-Foot Journey" this week. I also want to see "Guardians of the Galaxy."

That's about it from this neck of the woods. I'll write again in a few days, probably with some movie reviews.

Travel Bug out.


  1. Sorry to hear that Bob has to have another procedure.
    Our friends just saw Guardians of the Galaxy. He loved it, she thought it was just okay.

  2. I chuckled at your comment about being business-like and efficient. It wouldn't surprise me at all because you are very organized in your blogging, but your writing style would have me think you are actually much more easy going than you think you are. Don't judge yourself too hard though. As a consumer visiting many RV parks, efficiency is nothing to sneeze at. I've sure had some ditzy check in people that had me wondering why in the world they were hired in a customer service position - nepotism perhaps?

    BTW, I've learned so much about volksmarching from reading your blog. It inspires me to learn more.

    1. Thank you very much for your insightful comment. I absolutely love my job so I want to do my very best.

      Glad you want to learn more about Volksmarching. Check out ava.org. You will learn all about it.

  3. Your walk sounds like a good one, and especially since you mention shade! Good luck to Bob on Aug. 19.

    1. Yes, we love our walks!

      I will give Bob your message. Thanks.

  4. Good luck Bob on your next procedure. Enjoy GOTG

  5. Good luck to Bob on the 19th, sounds like a great new Volksmarch for those hot TX summer days.


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