Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gruene Volksmarch - Sunday, April 26, 2015

On an overcast, humid Sunday, Bob, Susan, Darren, Caryl and I joined other Volksmarchers for a 10k walk in the small town of Gruene, home of the oldest Dance Hall in Texas. The walk was sponsored by the New Braunfels club.

At the earliest appointed start time, we were on the trail to capture the coolest part of the day. On a sponsored Volksmarch, there is a start window, and this walk's start time was 9am to noon. 
Inside Gruene Dance Hall

Gruene Dance Hall
Charming business in Gruene
Gruene, Texas
Our walk took us around downtown Gruene, through neighborhoods, along rivers and on country roads. Here's a look at our scenery along the way.

Caryl and Susan - walking and talking
Butterfly sighting
Bob, Susan, Caryl
Caryl, Susan M., Susan A.
The Guadalupe River, known for inner tubing in summer
One of the tube (toob) rental businesses
Susan, Caryl, Bob on a country road

Love the "shaggy" bark on this tree
A fun iguana fence
A shop selling colorful signs
Volksmarch patches for sale
We went looking for lunch at one of the good eateries in Gruene, but none were open by the time we finished our walk. One restaurant had a pond with lovely water lilies.

New Braunfels was nearby. Our thought was to eat at Schoebel's overlooking the Guadalupe River. The only problem was, it was no longer Schoebel's. The new restaurant was the Hofbrau. It looked good, so we opted to eat there and had very good meals all around. The decor in the restaurant was very German with dark woods evoking a feeling of a hunting lodge

Hofbrau Restaurant - we arrived when they opened

Aoudad and Bob
Various deer
When we finished lunch, Bob and I headed back to San Antonio for the Charro Rodeo. See my blog "Rodeos" for the rest of today. (Note: Even though my "Rodeos" blog is dated Tuesday, April 21, that was for the "R" of my A-to-Z Blogging Challenge. The real date we saw the Charro Rodeo was Sunday, April 26.)

Travel Bug out.


  1. Looks like a fun day. We loved our Volkmarching days. When we lived in Germany in the early '80s we went on a lot of them. We should look for some out here in the Southwest. Great blog post!

    1. Randy,
      Easy to find Volksmarches. Go to Click on Events in the blue bar at the top of the page. Once you go to the search page, you can enter just the state to see ALL the walks in a state or you can also enter a city if you only want to find walks in a certain city. The walk page it takes you to when you click on a walk you'd like to do, tells you where to start the walk, the hours of the location with a start box, and a description of the walk. Easy!


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