The Old Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on January 12, 2022.

The Old Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on January 12, 2022.
The Old Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on January 12, 2022.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring Walk in Historic Gruene ("Green"), Texas - Sun., Apr. 24

When we looked at the weather forecast last night as we were trying to decide about walking today, the prediction was a 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms. With all the rain and hail that Texas has been experiencing, we decided to check the forecast just before leaving the house this morning. We did not want to walk near a river that had any chance of flooding.

This morning the forecast was 30% chance of rain. Bob also checked the hourly forecast which showed 0% chance of rain during the time we would be walking. The walk was a "go."

As we drove northeast from San Antonio to Gruene (pronounced "green"), Texas, we had a couple of minor sprinkles. By the time we arrived 45 minutes later; no rain at all. Since I have no faith in the weather prognosticators, I brought my umbrella just in case. (Note: I also brought my sun hat and put on suntan lotion. You have to be prepared for anything in spring in Texas!)

Our Volksmarch today was sponsored by the New Braunfels-Marsch-und Wandergruppe club. When we arrived at Gruene Dance Hall, we signed up for the walk at the Start table, got our start cards, paid our $3 each, and headed out. Temperature when we started was 69 degrees and it was cloudy, but humid.

The Volksmarch started out through two neighborhoods, a quick walk on city streets, then took us out into the country. Wildflowers are still blooming.

This is a very large, six-seat golf cart
Pink granite Texas yard decor
False Day Flower (Commelinantia anomala)
Gruene businesses
Gruene with Envy store

Firewheel or Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella)
Blue-curls (Phacelia congesta) and some
type of Gaillardia?
What on earth do you think is hanging on the winery sign below? We puzzled over it and wondered why it was hanging there. Is it a chupacabra, a large grilled lizard? Don't know. 

What is this thing?
We crossed over the Comal River which, in the summer, is known for its toobing (tubing). Right now the river is running fast and high, no tubing until it mellows out.

Comal River looking upstream
Comal River - downstream
Love the Spanish moss!
Texas Hill Country in spring
Black swallowtail on thistle
As we walked it got warmer but the clouds hung around, no full sun. We love walking out in the country. You never know what you will see. For example, there were many dung beetles out today, rolling poo along the roadway.

Two dung beetles trying to go in opposite directions
They push the poo with their hind legs.
The variety of wildflowers today was pretty cool. We saw a number of wildflowers we had never seen before in Texas.

Herbertia (Herbertia lahue)
Slender stem bitterweed
Giant spiderwort (Tradescantia gigantea)
Skeleton Plant (Lygodesmia texana)
These people like decorative metal work!
A few bluebonnets are still blooming
All kinds of people Volksmarch. Today we saw a group out walking with their dogs. One of them was a rescue dog with a jacket that said "Adopt Me." They were four miles into the walk and those dogs were panting like crazy.

Rain lilies
Beautiful home in a beautiful setting
Here's something else we didn't expect to find out here: Vintage Travel Trailers of Texas. According to his website, he restores vintage aluminum travel trailers. We couldn't see over the fence except just the tops of the trailers. It looked interesting.

Lots of deer were roaming around and sitting in yards
Mexican Hat flowers
The Gruene water tower as viewed
from the Comal River
Black swallowtail on lantana
River tubing companies line the riverbank: Gruene River Co.
The Rockin' R toobs
Our eyes were drawn to this classic Impala
As most of you know many rivers in Texas were effected by floods. As you can see, this Comal River restaurant sustained major damage in one of those floods. The restaurant sits right next to the river.
Flood-damaged restaurant in Gruene
We finished our 10k (6.2 mile) walk by crossing back over the Comal River, then walking up the hill back to the Gruene Dance Hall.
Comal River next to Bubba's Big Burgers
The river seemed to be flowing harder and faster than when
we first crossed it 1-1/2 hours earlier.
By the time we returned to the Volksmarch Finish table at the Gruene Dance Hall, it was probably 78 degrees. The dance hall was hoppin' with a country western band playing. 

After our walk we were very hungry so we had lunch at one of the restaurants up high above the river. Bob had a Fajita Salad and I had a Shrimp Oriental Salad. The salads were huge and very good. I couldn't finish mine. Bob did a pretty good job on his. 

Today was date day for us, so when we finished lunch we saw the movie "Hologram for the King" starring Tom Hanks. The movie was quite different and when it ended, Bob said, "Hunh?" It had a lot to do with life changes and doing business in Saudi Arabia. I'd give it three stars.

"60 Minutes" was next on my agenda and we headed home. While I watched "60 Minutes," Bob went to work for one of his clients. 

We had a great date today. Thank you, Bob!


  1. This is a side of Gruene I haven't seen. When we go, we usually only visit the "tourist" area. Thanks for showing the beauty of Gruene.

    No idea what that "thing" is on the sign. Interesting though.

    1. It seems every time we go to Gruene we are doing a Volksmarch. The only time I've shopped there is when my mom and sister visited. We loved the old general store...spent a long time in there looking at everything.

      I think I have to go back, though, because there were some adorable clothes in some of those windows.


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