Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wish Bob Well for the Tacoma Marathon on Sunday with Update (May 1) - Sat., Apr. 30, 2016

Bob has had a busy trip to Washington/Oregon. After his seminar ended on Thursday, he walked around downtown Seattle.

On Friday, he drove to Portland to spend time with my mom. He bought her a bouquet of roses and took her out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes (a salad/pasta/baked potato bar restaurant). They spent a lot of time talking.

Roses from Bob to Mom
Back at Mom's house they watched a beautiful rainbow over the golf course that lasted quite a while, and then it rained.

Rainbow over the golf course
Friday evening they watched the Portland Trailblazers on TV. (Blazers won the first round!! Yay!)

Saturday morning, Mom made breakfast for Bob, they talked some more and went for a walk around her neighborhood. Bob drove mom around and then headed out. He took Michael (our son) out to lunch at Village Inn. They got all caught up on what's new. Michael  has been in his job for 12 years already. Wow.

Michael at Village Inn this morning
After lunch Bob headed north to Tacoma, Washington, where he will run the Tacoma Marathon Sunday morning. The weather is expected to be cool early in the day with a high of 73. Do well on your marathon, Bob! He figures it will take him about 6-7 hours. Ugh...I can't even imagine being out there that long.

He will have just enough time to go back to his room, shower, then catch his flight home at Sea-Tac airport. I will pick him up in San Antonio at 11:10 p.m. He's going to be exhausted!!

I just finished up my three-day work week. Now I'll have four days off. Life is good.

UPDATE: Bob started the Tacoma Marathon in Gig Harbor, Washington, this morning and finished in 6+ hours in Tacoma, as he had planned. He had time for his shower, return of his rental car at Sea-Tac, and made it on his flight. His plane should be headed into Denver currently where he will change planes and be home in San Antonio on schedule.

Congratulations, Bob!!


  1. Marathons amaze me. I can't imagine running for that long. Given enough time, I could walk 26 miles but never run it. Hope he does well.

    1. Cheryl, Given enough time. Like, say, two days walking. I could easily do 13 miles in a day. LOL.


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