Sunset, Kailua-Kona, The Big Island, Hawaii, March 11, 2024

Sunset, Kailua-Kona, The Big Island, Hawaii, March 11, 2024
Sunset, Kailua-Kona, The Big Island, Hawaii, March 11, 2024

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bob's Running the Honolulu Marathon Sunday - Sat., Dec. 10, 2016

Bob's already asleep and has the alarm set for 3:30 am. Our hotel is directly across the street from the shuttle buses to the marathon start point. Bob and his Hawaiian running buddy, Mike, plan to start running at 5:00 am with 30,000 other marathoners. You do realize 30,000 people is a pretty good-sized city in and of itself. That's a lot of runners!
All of Bob's gear is laid out for morning
Go, Bob, go! Bob and Mike plan to walk a lot of the route. It depends on how Mike's plantar fasciitis is doing. Bob hopes they finish by 11 am because that's when rain is forecast to come in. 

If you want to track Bob's progress and see how he's doing,  go to Athlete Tracking - Honolulu Marathon  ( and enter his bib number: 11742. Right now it's about 72 degrees with 87% humidity in Waikiki, so they could have a cool morning for the race.

Yesterday, I went with Bob to the Honolulu Convention Center where he picked up his race packet. We walked the convention floor and looked at all the products. Bob bought his marathon shirt there. It's a gorgeous shirt this year.

Antherium and red torch ginger
Bob picking up his packet

Hawaiian quilts
After the Expo, we went to a pre-race, carbo-load dinner at Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant with 80+ running friends, some from Hawaii and some from the Mainland.
Bob's running buddy, Mike, and
his wife, Rosemary
Buca di Beppo's decor is "fill the walls and every nook, cranny and alcove" with as much memorabilia as possible. Somehow it works. You always find something new to read or look at.

Mike, Lisa and Rosemary
Nelly, another running friend, and Mike

Nelly and Mike
Group photo

Another group photo
Best of luck to all the runners in the marathon on Sunday! 


  1. Well I'm late to the party. Wish I'd seen this earlier. Love that you could follow their progress. What fun to have so many running buddies. That's a really big race. Hope they met their goal. Just thinking about 26 mikes is exhausting.

    1. Personally, I think he's crazy I'm NOT a runner. Their goal was to get together and talk because he hadn't seen Mike for five years. They got to talk for almost eight hours, so yes they met their goal. LOL. (And I thought women liked to talk.)

  2. How neat! That really is a TON of people running/walking at once. Wow! Hope he and his friend had a great time!

    1. Yes, they did have a good time. The weather was just right too.


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