River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018
River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2012

No Peaches Today -- Mon, July 9

San Antonio, TX:

Today I headed for the Texas Hill Country to purchase peaches, cantaloupe, blackberries, tomatoes, and corn on the cob directly from the local peach orchards and farms. I was excited for today's excursion and got up early. Most of the stands opened around 8:30 or 9:00. 

First stop was Walmart. I wanted to pick up a couple of items and do cash back at checkout to have some moolah. Some farms don't take credit cards. Toward the back of Walmart, in the electronics department, I could feel an attack of vertigo coming on. 

As quickly as I could, without making myself more dizzy, I walked to the front of the store and out to the car. Complete vertigo set in. I keep plastic grocery bags in the car for vertigo attacks. I got sick and sat quietly with my eyes closed and breathed deeply. Sometimes that helps it go away. Not so today. After 15 minutes I thought I felt well enough to drive back to the 5er. Ugh. Not really. Anytime I have vertigo, turning my head from side to side, as in checking both ways when driving, makes the dizziness worse.

I made it back to the 5er 11 miles away. Got sick again as soon as I pulled into the driveway by our 5er. Made it inside and got sick again. I went back to bed and slept until 5:15 p.m. Vertigo sure takes it out of me.

When I finally moved, I headed to the kitchen and made a big salad for dinner. Bob came home about 7:45 p.m.

Tonight we are having thunder, lightning and rain. In fact, it rained off and on most of the day. The temperature is in the mid-80s so we've given the A/C a little rest. 

Since we have cable TV again, I relaxed and watched The Bachelorette (first hour and rose ceremony), The Closer, and a rerun of Hawaii 5-0. I feel better since I took that long nap.

I may try for the peach orchards again tomorrow. I'm hoping the rain has not damaged the crop. Tomorrow could be more exciting, though, there's a 70% chance of thunder and lightning storms. I do not plan to go into the orchards to pick peaches. My money goes to the farm stands that already have them picked and waiting.

We'll see what tomorrow brings. Texas sure needs the rain, so I'm happy for the showers.

Travel Bug out.


  1. Oh no! Gosh I'm so sorry! Sounds like you are prepared, at least, and I'm glad you made it home safely. Hope you have a much, much better day today!

  2. I am so sorry about your episode with the vertigo. I have no idea how you feel because I have never experienced it, but it sounds awful. I hope you are felling much better today and the peaches get picked.

  3. Hope you are feeling up to getting those peaches tomorrow. We had a few sprinkles today, but not enough to even settle the dust. Kit

  4. How horrible! Glad that you made it home safe and are feeling better.


  5. Thank you all for your concern. Vertigo is so unpredictable. You never know when it is going to strike. It just comes on suddenly (usually within minutes).

    I am back to normal today.



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