River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018
River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pool Days - Thurs., Sep. 6

Until Tuesday, our campground pool was a stranger to us. Then Susan of What's Up with Susan and Company stayed here and invited us to the pool. Lo and behold, we went in for the first time since we've stayed at Travelers World. (We've been here, off and on, for over a month). Sure was nice. Bob and I went in again last night for 20 minutes. We know we're relaxing when we make it to the pool.

I have also been catching up on reading blogs. I was three weeks behind due to poor internet service on our trip to the national parks.

Today will be a day of putting away clutter, i.e., books, magazines, maps that traveled with us in "The Beast" and re-claiming our couch; calling our time share to follow-up on our week in Melbourne, Australia in November, and making a big pot of spaghetti. 

Travel clutter.
Sunnie, our big orange tabby, "sleeps" on the table (with one eye open) while I'm on the computer. If he sees a bird or squirrel on the "big screen TV" (read: dining room picture window), he sits bolt upright, slams his tail back and forth, knocking everything--including full water bottles--to the floor. This cat is a hunter: butterflies, moths, bugs, grasshoppers; if it is small and moves, he sees it.

Sunnie watching for feral cats.
Today there is another orange tabby wandering around outside along with a white tabby with gray striped spots. Sunnie's eyes are glued to the "intruders." These two feral cats apparently live under a shed near our site where they have just disappeared. Sunnie is beside himself. He's staring at the place where they went under the shed. Oops, a bird flew by, attention diverted and focused on the bird.

The shed.
Tomorrow, I plan to visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden. Some of their landscaped areas are: East Texas Piney Woods, Texas Hill Country, South Texas, Japanese Garden,  and Garden for the Blind. There are also "bio-domes" with exhibits of orchids, palms, and other humidity-loving tropical plants. Should be some good photo ops! I also plan to eat lunch at their Carriage House Restaurant.

Welcome to new readers Randy & Pam of The Roadrunner Chronicles and Levonne of Maple Leaves and Comfort Tea.

Time to get on with the day. It's been nice talking to you.

Travel Bug off to do chores.

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