Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.

Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.
Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Museum Reach of San Antonio's Riverwalk - Wed., May 22

At 7:00 p.m., San Antonio Hill Country Hikers started their walk near La Gloria Restaurant behind the Pearl Brewery. Goal: a four-mile round trip walk to the Houston Street Bridge and back. Twenty-five people walked the walk and talked the talk, some of it trash talk.

A greeting committee consisting of our group leaders welcomes everyone and explains the walk. A group photo is taken at the beginning, then the fast walkers set their pace, and everyone else settles into their own rhythm. Also at the start point, hanging out in the water were mallards, a coot, and a yellow-crowned night heron.

Paul photographing the group at the start.
Placid aquascaping.
Yellow-crowned night heron.
Many blooming flowers along the Riverwalk.
The Museum Reach of the Riverwalk is north of downtown and passes by the San Antonio Museum of Art. Along the Museum Reach are works of art along the bridge overcrossings, under the bridges and along the path.

Hands across the water (bridge overcrossing art)
Faux bois (false wood - concrete) arbor
 Many tile murals line the Riverwalk. Here are a few...

Tile work to beautify an outlet cover.
Tile work depicting the San Antonio River.
Downtown, Tower of the Americas and river in the foreground.
Houston St. Bridge artwork of Mission Concepcion.
Fish art hanging under an interstate bridge; crepe myrtle blossom in foreground.
The Grotto - cement art complete with skull and waterfall.
The Museum Reach is beautiful with many trees and flowers currently in bloom. Jasmine wafted in the air through sections, honeysuckle scent in other sections. The hibiscus are in bloom and have the most vibrant colors - red, orange, yellow, pink. The dramatic trumpet flower has blooms that measure 10"-12".

Trumpet flower.
For Bob and I, these walks give us time to connect and talk about what's going on in our lives and what we plan to do in the future; all while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. The temperature was in the high 80s this evening and VERY humid!

Museum Reach of Riverwalk
Another yellow-crowned night heron.
Places to go from the Riverwalk. Well marked path!
When the walk was over, a number of people from the group were going to The Cove for dinner and invited everyone to go. We had never been and decided to check it out. What a good place. One thing Bob and I have noticed about San Antonians is they like to sit outside under a tree, patio, or the evening sky to eat. The Cove has a large outdoor seating area with a small, air-conditioned inside area (the bar). Bob and I both had "Lisa's Special" which is two tilapia soft tacos made with cabbage and poblano sauce, along with a spinach salad for $9. That was the perfect ending to our four-mile walk.

We returned home at 9:30 p.m. Thank you to the Hill Country Hikers. You have a knack for making people feel welcome and a part of the group from the first outing.

Travel Bug out.


  1. Susan, just loved your photos on this post. I have some of the same ones but you captured their essence better than I. Great place to walk, right? Commentary interesting too. You've inspired me to go back.

    1. Teri,
      Thank you for the nice compliments. Yes, it is a great place to walk. We've been on that walk three or four times. It's different each time.


  2. Hope you are okay. We are watching the flooding on tv.


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