Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017
Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cousins get together - Sat., Oct. 18

This morning, before we headed out to our "secret" campground, we had errands to run. Our mail was forwarded to Aunt Flora and Uncle Carl's house and it arrived Friday. We drove over to pick it up. Also, I had forgotten to take photos of Uncle Carl's carvings and Aunt Cathy's quilt, so we made a quick stop to be shutterbugs.

Bob dropped me off at the 5th wheel and he took some items to the post office, then stopped by Kroger's to buy beer and chips. Meanwhile, I made fresh guacamole to take to lunch today.

After we finished the chores, we closed the slides, hooked up the truck, and headed to Chelsea, Michigan to the private campground my cousin's family owns. As we drove down the hill into the campground, our eyes feasted on the small lake, rolling green hills, and small creek flowing next to some of the sites.

Family's private campground
Paul, Connie's uncle, was there to direct us to our site. He took Bob in a pickup truck and showed him where he wanted us to turn around, between trees and antique farm equipment. Gulp. Bob did an amazing job backing the truck around through trees and pulling forward into a site next to the creek while Paul watched and Mike helped spot. Whew! What a good job.  No damage was done to any vehicles or anyone's pride.

Our site next to the creek
Frost on the grass and fog rising from the lake
View from our back window
As soon as we had our electricity hooked up, slides out and guacamole in hand, we headed up the hill to Connie and Mike's house. Mike had already absconded with the beer and chips from the pick-up.

At the house, we met my cousin, Karen, and her husband Sean. We all got to talking and catching up on many years of life events and family lineage. We come from a big family with lots of kids, so there are aunts, uncles and cousins galore. I have cousins scattered all over the U.S. and we haven't known much about each other. I guess I'll have to get more details so we can meet others on future travels.

Karen, Susan, Connie - cousins
Connie made homemade Sloppy Joe's and fudge brownies, Karen brought a green dinner salad and dressings plus sliced apples and caramel dip. With the chips and guacamole added in we had a very good late lunch.

When we finished eating, Connie brought out photo albums and envelopes of pictures going way back in our family history. I was so thrilled to see photos of my mom when she was captain of her high school basketball team. Mom told me she only picked the best players for her team and they won every game!

Aunt Jean (second from right), my mom (far right)
Mom (bottom center)
Connie also had family photos taken by Captain Tony Glaza, one of the life-savers working out of Eagle Harbor Life-Saving Station. He apparently loved photography because many of the photos in Eagle Harbor Life-Saving Museum and the Eagle Harbor lighthouse complex were taken by him. What fun to go through all her family photos.

Alas, we had to head back to the 5er. Connie and Mike are taking their three boys to Greenfield Village tonight for their Halloween event. Karen and Sean came down to see our 5th wheel so we gave them a little tour and they headed home.

Tomorrow, we plan to walk the Ann Arbor "Fairyland" Volksmarch, so called because the route features fairy doors, dragons and trolls of Ann Arbor. Sounds interesting.

After our walk, Connie will come down to the campground and take a look-see at our 5th wheel too.

Travel Bug out.


  1. Looks like you got a super great "driveway" spot!!! Love the old photos but can't wait to see the shots from your walk!

  2. Great re-cap of the family. I love the photos. I did not know that Aunt Jean and your mom were old friends. I learned that recently. I've seen those trolls scattered through out Ann Arbor. They are very cool. I did not know there was a name for them and a walk. Love it. So great to see the picture of you with Karen and Connie. Really cool you all were able to get together. Family is so important. Look forward to our next visit. Cindy


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