River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018
River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Long Lost Aunt and Uncle - Fri., Oct. 17

This morning Bob and I went to visit Carl and Cathy, my aunt and uncle I haven't seen for 50 years. My memories of their house were so pleasant. I played with my cousin Jody who was a few years younger than me. They had bunnies in their house that were so cute!

In the intervening years they have moved into a different home.

Uncle Carl loves wood carving - Native Americans, sea captains and animals - and has many on display in their home. He has sent four or five to mom which she displays in her dining room. He does excellent work and has been carving for 22 years.

Carvings of mountain goat, wolf, and bighorn sheep.

My uncle also made this clock.
Not to be outdone, Aunt Cathy makes gorgeous quilts. She used do them by hand but the most recent ones are done by machine.

After Aunt Cathy showed us around their home, she took us to the rehabilitation center where Uncle Carl is recuperating from a knee replacement ten days ago. He says he would not recommend it to anyone as he's in a world of hurt. He developed pneumonia, but they caught it right away and he looks really good. We visited an hour and a half until his lunch came.
Aunt Cathy, me, Uncle Carl (mom's brother)
After our visit with Uncle Carl, Aunt Cathy played tour guide and directed Bob (who took over the driving) to see the house my mom lived in, and then the house my grandmother lived in when I visited at age 10. I used to mow grandma's yard with a riding lawnmower and thought that was the coolest thing ever (except for rollercoasters!).

One of the houses Mom lived in
Where I visited my grandma when I was 10.
After sightseeing in Ann Arbor, we went to lunch at Knight's Steak House. The food and service were excellent. Thank you, Aunt Cathy, for lunch.

Bob with bountiful food at Knight's.
Me and Aunt Cathy at Knight's
We loved talking with Aunt Cathy about the days she and mom worked in their hair salon, and learning about their trip to New York City as young ladies. Then it was back to Cathy and Carl's home after lunch. We said good-bye as we had chores to do (laundry) before we move to our family's private campground tomorrow.

Aunt Cathy and I on the porch of their home
Aunt Cathy and Uncle Carl's home
Thank you, Aunt Cathy, for showing us around Ann Arbor, taking us to see Uncle Carl, and treating us to lunch at Knight's.

We did laundry and then Bob ran12 miles around Ford Lake (for the third time this week). He wanted to finish his run before it rained. Just before he walked in the door a little less than three hours later it did start to rain. Then the wind kicked up. According to NOAA we were having gusts up to 29-40 mph. The 5th wheel was quaking in its boots.

Tomorrow we move to our family's private campground in Chelsea with 20 amp electric, no water, no sewer. Not a problem, we'll only be there one night. The campground is very beautiful with a creek and lake, rolling green hills, trees and deer. We will have lunch with two cousins and their spouses. That should be a lot of fun.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Aw what a wonderful day! That's so neat yall got to connect with family you hadn't seen in so very long.


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