Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017
Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lakenenland...What is this Place? - Sun., Oct. 5, 2014, Part 2

As I mentioned earlier, when we drove by the unusual entrance art at the Lakenenland Sculpture Park my curiosity was piqued. I like unusual, quirky, eclectic, creative stuff. I wanted to go back to explore the park. However, it was quite a way from Munising.

After we finished exploring waterfalls, there was an option to go back to Lakenenland. It was a few miles out of the way to go back, so I'm glad we did. Lakenenland is obviously a labor of love. Tom Lakanen's self-professed "Junkyard Art" is a feast for the eyes. I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but to me it was Earl Gray, English Breakfast, peppermint, green, oolong and ginger tea. Quite a selection to be sure. All the art is created by Tom Lakenen, LLC.

You can drive through the sculpture garden, but I wanted to walk it...get up close and personal. You will notice as you enter there are some political signs directing the Planning and Zoning Boards of Chocolay Township to stay off his property. Apparently he feels harassed and has a definite point of view about it. Don't let that stop you from touring his property.

The "road sign" into his park, 15 mi. west of Marquette

Enough about that, let's get to the fun stuff. During the summer, entertainers perform on the stage he built. There is also a picnic pavilion with a large fireplace, complete with hot dog or marshmallow roasters on the mantelpiece. Whimsy is evident wherever you look.

Bandstand and seating
Picnic pavilion
Table in picnic pavilion
Big fireplace for wood fires
Here is a photo journal of our visit:

Very nice planter
A band saw with an umbrella (and Bob)
Mama bear protecting cubs
A new kind of totem pole?
Scary creatures in the woods!
Look at them chompers!
Bob groovin' with coyote.
Chuck and Snoop
I found more sunflowers! Happy place.
I love it.
Never know what you'll find here.
Don't you just love this face?
Even a slot machine!
Cool cat
On the following sculpture is a sign that says, "Lost? Which direction is north? Remember bowling balls always grow on north side of tree."

Bowling balls on tree
Following is a tribute to 9/11/2001. Very well done.

9/11 Memorial
Ghost rider?
Inquisitive insectasaurus.
Very cool woodpecker
Don't mess with Peaches!
Bob calls this one "Hairstyle in the mirror."
Alien spaceship?

With lots of invaders.
Red, white and blue through and through
Finnish sled dog race in the U.P., I guess

Don't you think it suits Bob perfectly?

PT Boat
And then I found the Bog Walk. Had to go do it.
While I bog walked the 1/4 mile trail, Bob took a nap. There were only a couple of surprises along the way, but I loved the boardwalk.

Pretty humorous

Marsh or bog with many cattails

The 3/4 moon through the arch
Once in a while you find the unexpected and it totally delights you. Thank you, Tom Lakenen for creating this magical sculpture garden.

From there, we headed east on MI 28 back to our campsite. The sun lowered in the sky and we thought we might see a sunset over Lake Superior. It wasn't to be as the highway moved away from Lake Gitchee Gumee.

As we drove along, I looked over my right shoulder and, lo and behold, a sunset. It was at Deer Lake Roadside Park. Luckily there were two entrances and I told Bob, "We have to stop! Sunset!" He made in into the second driveway just in time for us to catch this beautiful sunset over Deer Lake.

Deer Lake

Deer Lake Roadside Park
Deer Lake sunset
Once again we filled up the day, but it was time to fill up our tummies. For dinner, we stopped at the Kewadin Casino in Christmas, Michigan to have dinner in Frosty's Bar and Grille. It was all right. Nice casino, though.

The kitties say, "Goodnight, y'all."

Sunnie and Bowie
Travel Bug out. 


  1. Very interesting tour. Isn't it neat when you find something totally unexpected?

  2. The no trespassing sign is a hoot.

    We would enjoy this park as much as you two did. Tom Lakenen did an awesome job!

    Gorgeous sunset!


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