Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017
Mission San Juan, December 30, 2017

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lincoln bLogs - Thurs., Oct. 23

Well, folks, we are now in Springfield, Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. And boy is it ever. A giant statue of Lincoln greets visitors to the Illinois State Fairgrounds and then there's the Lincoln home, Lincoln-Herndon Law Office, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, and Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. Surely I'm leaving something out.

First Bowie would like to do a little karaoke to Sheryl Crow, "I'm gonna soak up the sun, gonna tell everyone to lighten up."

Bowie soaking up the sun
We chose a utilitarian campground for two nights: Illinois State Fairgrounds, with water and electric hook-ups, for a senior rate of $20 per night. Our "campsite" was a paved parking lot.

Bob has been under the weather with an upper respiratory tract infection: sneezing, runny nose, and sore throat. He isn't feeling his usual active self.

This afternoon we started the Capital Volksmarch because we figured it would be warmer than an early morning walk...better for Bob. The weather was gorgeous. We started downtown and walked up to Oak Ridge Cemetery where Lincoln's body is interred

Church in downtown Springfield on Carpenter St.

The receiving vault below is where Abraham Lincoln and his son Willie were temporarily laid to rest from May to December 1865. In December 1865, the bodies of Lincoln and his son were moved to a temporary vault half-way up the hill. A week earlier the remains of another son, Edward, had been transferred to the temporary vault. In 1871, the three were interred in the Lincoln Tomb at the top of the hill.

Receiving vault - a temporary tomb.
Lincoln Tomb at the top of the hill
Replica of Abraham Lincoln bust
In the photo above, you can see Lincoln's nose is a different color than the rest of the bust. People come from all over the world to rub the nose of this sculpture for good luck. Lincoln was an interesting man; hard-working, from a humble background, who was given the nickname "railsplitter." He taught himself to read, read law books, and became a lawyer. He didn't marry until he was in his 30s, then had four boys with Mary. From such humble beginnings, he has become almost a demi-god.

The Lincoln Tomb
The exterior of the tomb is granite, with the obelisk rising 117'. A bronze statue portrays Lincoln with the Emancipation Proclamation. The tomb was open so we went inside.

Preisdent Lincoln's remains rest in a vault ten feet below and just behind the massive Arkansas marble monument.

Small sculpture in the tomb entrance.
It sits on a pedestal.
After the tomb, our Volksmarch took us to the far end of the cemetery to see war memorials. The first was to Vietnam Veterans, then Korean Vets, and then WWII Vets.

Illinois Vietnam Veterans Memorial
The memorials to the Korean War were my favorites...

The Korean War bell memorial below played beautiful military songs, faintly, on the bell. We heard "When the Caissons Come Rolling Along," "Anchors Aweigh," and "Into the Wild Blue Yonder." It was very peaceful.

Korean War Memorial with flags
Last, but not least, we walked along black onyx walls with every Campaign of WWII engraved into it. At the intersection of two walls is a globe with markers  that show where each campaign took place.

We retreated from the Veteran Memorials and headed back toward town. By the time we returned to the cross street where the truck was parked, Bob was worn out. We decided to go back to the 5er so he could rest for the evening.  In the morning we will do the Capitol tour and I can finish the Volksmarch on my own.

Amtrak from Springfield, Illinois to Chicago, Illinois passing through
After we returned to the car, Bob drove me around the capital so I could photograph it in the late afternoon light.

Springfield, Illinois Capitol
Capitol dome
Close up of Capitol window arches
Illinois State Capitol in Springfielld
The old State House
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Tomorrow morning we will finish up Springfield, Illinois with a tour to the Capitol building and I will finish my Volksmarch of the capital. Bob and I got about halfway done today then gave ourselves a rest.

I'm falling asleep as I sit here writing, so I'm off to la-la land to count sheep. Hope you enjoyed the short tour.

Travel Bug out.


  1. Replies
    1. Definitely worth the time to see everything you can. We skipped taking the Lincoln home tour, but went to the Visitor Center to see the movies and walked around a little.

  2. Springfield was one of my very favorite stops on our Summer 2014 tour. . .

    1. Springfield is very nice with lots of Lincoln history, but so far we like Indianapolis better.

  3. We found the history of Lincoln' burial very interesting.

  4. What a great tour and both of you REST UP!

    1. Thank you. And we have rested a little...even saw a movie.


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