River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018
River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Writing for Real! - Thurs., Mar. 10, 2016

Today was devoted to writing an article for Escapees magazine (an RV club magazine) on Volksmarching. The deadline for the May/June issue is today. Nothing like a deadline to motivate a writer!

The reason this article is time sensitive to the May/June issue is that June 2016 is the 40th anniversary of Volksmarching in the United States. The very first U.S. Volksmarch was in June 1976 in Fredericksburg, Texas. In honor of that anniversary, a Volksmarching weekend will be held in Fredericksburg this June 10-12. The original U.S. Volksmarch will be replicated as one of the walks that weekend.

I skipped all family festivities today. It took me until three minutes to midnight to finish the article and choose the photos, but I submitted it on time!

[Update: Editorial assistant Kelly from Escapees magazine emailed me to say my article is in the mix for consideration in the May/June issue. Then today, I received another email that they need me to sign the licensing agreement and email it back to them because they don't accept digital signatures. Keeping my fingers crossed that my article will be published in full!]

In addition to that, I received an unexpected email from a gentleman who asked permission to use one of my photos in a book he's writing. It will be published next year. The book is about the history of helium production in the U.S. I will receive photo credit and a free copy of the book.

Wow! Feeling really good about all this!

Of course many writers would be lost without their cat companions. Here are mine...

Sunnie and Bowie


  1. Congratulations on the article! And very cute photo of Sunnie and Bowie. You just have to love cats :-)

    1. Well, the article is in for consideration. They haven't said it will be published yet. Hoping....


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