Bob and Rigamarole at Texas Canyon Rest Area, Arizona, September 30, 2017

Bob and Rigamarole at Texas Canyon Rest Area, Arizona, September 30, 2017
Bob and Rigamarole at Texas Canyon Rest Area, Arizona, September 30, 2017

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Temp Job - Wed., Aug. 21

Snelling came through with another temp job for me as a receptionist for an insurance office. I worked 1/2 days Monday and today, plus a full day on Tuesday. One of their workers was out on medical leave.

Part of the time the phones were very busy. This is a nice, upscale office that has good business. The owner and other two female agents are great to work with. Besides answering phones, I did a small amount of filing and copying, and called clients to schedule visits with the owner to review their policies. It was a nice compliment today when the owner told me if she needs someone again, she will ask for me.

Movie review: Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts as the bad witch in a remake of Snow White is quite campy. It appealed to the eccentricities in me in a Princess Bride kind of way. (Though it certainly isn't as good as Princess Bride.) A better review will be forthcoming. There were major technical difficulties with the Netflix DVD. Almost the whole DVD was damaged, including the previews and most of the movie. I even ran my CD/DVD cleaner to make sure it wasn't our machine. I asked Netflix to send a replacement so I can watch the whole thing.

Other than that, it's been a quiet week. Tomorrow night we plan to use our last Groupon coupon for a San Antonio Missions baseball game.

Thank you for your suggestions on getting rid of ants. When I feel up to doing battle with them I will try out the do-it-yourself recipe from waggintailsRV. Must go get some borax. Oh, wait, I think we may have some in the "basement." I plan to take them on during a week when I'm not working every day so I can monitor the situation and the cats.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Travel Bug out.

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  1. yes. . .I was going to suggest borax as well. . .mixed in a bait, peanut butter or something sweet spread on a little piece of foil, and stuck in an out of the way place always worked for me. . .takes a few days though. . .good luck!


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