Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.

Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.
Octagonal Bank of New Zealand banker's desk carved from Australian red cedar, Dunedin, circa 1883.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wednesday to Sunday - Sun., August 11

Where did the rest of the week go? Wednesday and Thursday were mellow. I hung out around the 5er and did some cleaning, read blogs and played Scrabble and Words with Friends.

On Thursday evening, Bob and I attended a going away party for Amanda and her dog, Lucky. The party was at The Cove, a very hip, outdoorsy, organic restaurant. Dogs are welcome and there is a dog run area out by their patio. We met Amanda through the San Antonio Hill Country Hikers group where she was an avid participant and Lucky usually hiked right alongside her. She is moving to Vietnam to work and she will have an apartment. However, the apartment does not allow dogs. Once she is settled, she will look for a place that allows dogs so Lucky can join her there.

Amanda and Lucky
I couldn't help but giggle at the juxtaposition of the two signs below. The lower sign referred to the basketball hoop area at the restaurant.

Ha ha.
Paul, our leader.
Amanda chatting with the group.
More of our group.

I watched a couple of Netflix movies this week that aren't worth mentioning. In fact, I'm embarrassed I sat through one of them, it was pretty bad. Well, maybe I will mention it so you don't rent it. The movie is called Quintet and stars Paul Newman. It was made in 1979 and is just plain bad. Trust me on this.

Normally, I work Thursday and Friday, but my boss needed me on Saturday instead, so I worked Friday and Saturday. Brenda normally works Saturdays on her own, but Tom, our IT guy from corporate was coming and she wanted to be free to talk to him about what needs updating in our computer system, fax machine and scanner. 

Friday was very busy at work and Saturday was steady. I'd much rather be busy than twiddling my thumbs with nothing to do.

Sunday: It was another early start to do our Volksmarch. We were on the walk at 7:30 a.m. Bob is still dealing with the plantar fasciitis, but it wasn't bothering him too much. We opted to do the 10K (6.2 miles).

This walk was on city residential sidewalks in northwest San Antonio. What beautiful neighborhoods! The McDonald's on Guilbeau Drive is where we started.

Morning glory vine.
Beautiful spiky leaves on this vine.
We turned off Guilbeau Drive to see Fire Station 49, the Maury Maverick Jr., Library, as well as the Nani Falcone Community Park.
Fire Station 49
Maury Maverick Jr. Library
You can read about Maury Maverick, Jr. here.

Nani Falcone Community Park has a playground, 8-hole disc golf course, picnic pavilion and a 1.1 mile walking trail. If you're interested you can read about Nani Falcone here.

Statue of Nani Falcone.

Our route then took us into beautiful neighborhoods. The temperature at the beginning of our walk was 82 degrees with about 75% humidity. We had a 10% chance of thunderstorms, but none materialized while we walked.

Trees have the right of way over sidewalks. Admirable, but watch your head!

Could lead to headache!
Beautiful pepper plant in front of a house.
A huge leaf.
 Animal/wildlife sightings on the walk today...

Wild rabbits.
Stretchy squirrel.
We were being watched!
Beautiful flower by the sidewalk.

Watch out for low-hanging trees.
Yard of the Month in this neighborhood.
This looks so inviting!
Beautiful mansions
The homes are huge!
Hummingbird wall sconce at Taco Cabana.
Toward the end of the walk Bob's foot was hurting. He told me to go ahead at my normal pace which I did. I got the car and went back for him. He wasn't too far behind. We had breakfast at Taco Cabana.

Yesterday afternoon, we had thunderstorms with some rain, barely enough to make things wet. Again this afternoon around 4 p.m. we had rain, but a few minutes after the rain stopped it had evaporated. The temperature didn't cool down much.

Update on our refrigerator: On Friday, our mobile RV repairman came out with a new thermistor and installed that. The freezer got down to 3 degrees and the refrigerator was at 49 degrees. We let the refrigerator cool down overnight and by morning it felt cold enough to put items back in. Today, however, the refrigerator was at 49 degrees to 52 degrees, so we're not sure it's fixed. I'm wondering if the temperature is so warm because we filled it up to almost overflowing. I'm thinking there's no room for the cold air to circulate. We're keeping an eye on it, especially since Bob shopped at Costco and we now have lots of lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, grapes and red peppers filling it up. We don't want all that yummy food to spoil.

Cute story from my work: Brenda (the RV park manager) and I were discussing movies. I told her about a couple of sci-fi movies she might enjoy: Paycheck and Minority Report. She wrote both movies down on a piece of scrap paper. A little while later her husband came into the office, looked at the piece of paper with her note, and we heard him say, "What kind of reports does corporate want us to do now?" Brenda and I both laughed and explained to him those were movie titles, not new reports they needed turn in.

Have a good week with safe travels. Travel Bug out.


  1. The Story couldn't have been more perfect if it came out of a joke book!! Really gave me a laugh!!

  2. My hubby found relief from his plantar fasciitis with a series of inserts. We'll be spending Jan and Feb near Port Aransas. Hope the TX weather will be nice. Entertaining post!

    1. Thanks. Today Bob bought a nighttime support for plantar fasciitis to keep his foot in position at night. He said his foot seems to be doing really well today.

      Port Aransas should be nice and cool in Jan. and Feb. Let us know when you're in Texas!

  3. Your Morning Glories and the leaves look like paintings. So pretty. I love the dog sign that is funny!

  4. As I am very behind in my blog reading it was fun to catch up with you on one post that covered several days. As always, I adore your pictures.

    The juxtaposition of the 2 signs and the stone that marks the pooping dog are both quite funny. I am currently having trouble with a neighbor's dog and think I could use a sign like that.

    What a shame about Bob suffering with plantar fasciitis. Hope it starts feeling better soon.


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