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Sunday, August 25, 2013

A River Walk - Sun., Aug. 25

Time to re-do the Museum Reach/North Riverwalk Volksmarch in San Antonio. We have only done it once before and that was July 8, 2012. I think we'll be walking it more often because it's such a beautiful part of the city.

The north part of the Riverwalk is called Museum Reach because it passes directly next to the San Antonio Museum of Art. All along the path are different types of art: faux bois (false wood) grotto, art on bridges, art under bridges, sound art, and metal art.

Plus, the city does a wonderful job with landscaping, so there are small waterfalls, ponds, and lots of flowers along the San Antonio River. Employees are out working and cleaning up along the path every day of the week.

Water lily

Momma duck and ducklings
Part of San Antonio Museum of Art - reflected

More water lilies.

Some kind of wasp on the flowers?

Baby swallow under a bridge.

San Antonio River Tunnel Inlet Facilities
Bob getting totally tubular in San Antonio - watch out surfer dudes
Brackenridge Park Waterworks Trail
Turtle - dive, dive!
Stray lynx point Siamese. Isn't he handsome.
Petrified wood
Dad in front, two kids, then dog in the caboose.
Photos in her wedding dress at Pearl Brewery Complex.
Hibiscus on steroids!
What a gorgeous flower!
Purple water lily opening up for the day.
On our way back to the start, we ran into two people looking lost. I asked if we could help them. They wanted to know where the dam was. I asked if they meant dam or locks. "Oh, locks," they replied. We told them they were really close. I saw a map in her hand that looked just like mine and asked if they were Volksmarching. Yes, they were. In fact, they're in San Antonio for an American Volkssport Association National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting. He's Bob Morrison, treasurer of the national association, and she's Nancy Wittenberg, Northwest regional director. They're both from Washington state. Small world. You never know who you're going to bump into.

Nancy and Bob on North Riverwalk Volksmarch.
Bob Morrison and Nancy Wittenberg
Nancy, Bob and Bob at the end of the walk
What a nice finish to our walk this morning. Bob and Nancy, enjoy the rest of your time in San Antonio!

Travel Bug out.


  1. No wonder you enjoy this walk...beautiful scenery for sure!

    Definitely a small world:)

    1. Each time we do a walk we see something new. I'll be happy when we're on the road again and exploring new areas! We figure we'll be here another year or two, but will take some one month forays away from San Antonio in the meantime.


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