Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bob's walk about and "Iron Lady" - Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012

Reno, NV
Bob returned to southeast Reno this morning and completed about 16 miles on the pathways we found yesterday evening. He enjoyed all the bird life along the way.

In the afternoon, we met some friends in downtown Reno and went to see "Iron Lady" starring Meryl Streep. It was a pretty good movie. Unfortunately, I fell asleep in the middle part and woke up to Bob saying to me, "That gives me goose bumps." I missed whatever it was, but I did stay awake for the rest of the movie. 

After the movie, Scott, Carole, Bob and I walked along the Truckee River in downtown Reno. It was a gorgeous late afternoon sun which made the buildings glow in a pinkish light. Once again, I wished I had my camera. The outdoor ice skating rink had a few skaters whom we watched for about ten minutes.

We walked over to the "Reno: Biggest Little City in the World" sign at twilight. All the neon lights were coming on and it felt a little magical. 

At the now-closed Fitzgerald's Casino, a rock climbing wall had been built on the outside of the 16-story building.  ( A number of people were up on the second floor balcony trying their luck on the rock-climbing wall. It was cool to watch for a while.

It was getting cold so we headed back to our respective cars and went home.

Nice way to spend a Sunday!

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