Monday, January 9, 2012

Traveling cats -- Sunday, Jan. 8, 2012

Sparks/Carson City, NV:  
Today was another clear, sunny day...about 40 degrees for the high. Bob and I walked to and around Sparks Marina Lake, in total about 2-1/2 miles. After our walk we ate lunch, then Bob went to the club to work out. I searched for kitties.

After searching craigslist, I found six possible cats to adopt. The two that stole our hearts were Bowie and Sunnie. The ad was posted today. We drove to Carson City this evening, met with the family and the kitties, spent about 1/2 hour seeing if the cats were friendly or skittish, healthy, playful and compatible with each other and us. They passed on all counts and came home with us.

The family had to give them up because their six-year-old was allergic. So sad for them. Good for us.

These two cats are the quietest traveling cats I've had. There were a few small meows, but no caterwauling like Captain or Rama. Our cats' family gave us kitty litter, wet and dry food, cat beds, cat toys, brushes, food and water dishes, cat scratching post, cat leashes, a cage so we can take them outside from time to time and a laser pointer.

When we first got them home they used the litter box, ate, hid for a short while, then explored. Right now both of them are sleeping in the recliner we sit in the most. They are adorable. See if you agree...
Bowie settling onto cat bed, licking chops.

I'm Sunnie and I'm curious.

I own this got a problem with that?
Best buds.

Our traveling family is complete. I think these kitties might even like to go for walks on a leash. We'll give them a month or so to settle in before we try taking them outside.

This week I will be hitting the temporary agencies looking for temp work.

Bob will not be running the marathon in Sacramento in March as the organizers were both killed in a pedestrian accident at Incline Village on Dec. 30. Quite the tragedy. 

Bob is now looking at maybe doing the Red Rocks Marathon in Las Vegas in March. We'll keep you posted.

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