Friday, January 6, 2012

Three relaxing days

Sparks, NV: With Bob working this week and me applying for jobs, I have had a fairly relaxing week. Most of my time has been spent online looking for jobs and cats [none yet].

Instead of applying for jobs online, next week I will visit employment agencies to find temp work. We will, hopefully, be leaving for Yellowstone at the end of April. The jobs I've been finding online are for full-time, permanent work. (No wonder I haven't received any calls back!)

Yesterday I worked out around noon, went to Costco to return some clothes for Bob and bought him a shirt in his size. Then I was off to K-Mart to buy jeans: one pair for him and one pair for me. 

I am amazed by the beautiful weather we're having and the cool cloud formations in the sky. I have got to get a picture! 

The sky has been filled with lenticular clouds, you know, the ones that look like flying saucers. In Oregon and Washington we would see them a few times, but mostly in the form of "cloud caps" over Mt. Hood or Mt. Rainier. Here, they are a dime a dozen. Take yesterday, as an example. In the afternoon there was a huge lenticular cloud which looked like the "mother ship." All around it were smaller clouds that looked like an army of spaceships coming out of the mother ship. Very cool.

Last night, we watched the Portland Trailblazers smash the L.A. Lakers. The Blazers are an exciting team this year with lots of run and gun plays. I love watching them zoom up and down the court and, most important of all, make lots of baskets..."nothing but net" as Bill Schonely used to say.

Today, I slept in, spent some time online, then had my hair cut and highlighted. After my hair appointment, I had a late lunch at In-n-Out Burger. I had not eaten there for over 30 years! Guess what? I don't need to go back. 

Bob, as usual, has been reading history about the local area and told me something pretty interesting. The Sparks Marina lake we walk around is 100' deep. (It used to be a gravel quarry.) When we walked around the lake we saw signs about scuba diving and couldn't understand what would be so interesting at the bottom of an old quarry--inquiring minds want to know. Apparently the Nevada Air National Guard donated a jet plane to the city of Sparks to put at the bottom of the lake. Another question answered.

Time for me to sign off. The Blazers are playing the Phoenix Suns and so far are not doing very well. Hey, it's only the first quarter. I better go root for them. We're closer to Phoenix now than we were in Hawaii or Portland. Maybe they can hear us yelling better. LOL. 

What a disgusting Blazer game. Bob watched the game on the other TV and I watched Nikita.


  1. How'd the hair appointment turn out? My fear while traveling is not how I will find a doctor or dentist but who will cut and color my hair. I've been going to the same person for over 30 years. Steve has offered to buy a flowbee and do my hair. Not too sure about that! Just you have jobs set in Yellowstone? That's a place I think I would like to work. I love that place. I'll enjoy reading your take on it.

  2. Hair appointment was a good experience, although she didn't get my hair the color I like. I am going back for a re-do. She was VERY nice about it.


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