River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018
River Walk, downtown San Antonio, Sunday, February 25, 2018

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quiet and Relaxed -- Wed., Oct. 3

Sitting, quietly reading blogs today, feeling nice and relaxed. Bob came home at lunchtime to say "Hi" and have a burrito.

Our plans to drive the 5er and cats to Portland for our flight to Australia have changed. We plan to stay in San Antonio a little longer so I can get as much work done on my mouth as possible before our trip. Instead, we will be flying to Portland later in the month. This decision buys us an extra week here for medical care.

At the doctor's office Monday:
Not so swollen anymore. Still can't smile.
Putting in lighter weight bands.

All this mouth work hurts.
We will find petsitters or a boarding facility for the cats here in San Antonio. This makes more sense than rushing to Portland in the 5er.

This evening Bob plans to do a long run as part of his training for the Honolulu Marathon on Dec. 9. He is going to run along paths and around the University of Texas San Antonio. So, more quiet time for me.

I have not been able to get thicker foods through my wired jaw, so no scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes yet. I am eating some thicker baby foods diluted with chicken broth which are pretty good and more satisfying. One I had today was a combo of chicken, apples, carrots. Some pieces were a little big, but they were soft enough to suck through the small gap in my teeth. I am enjoying the chocolate protein shakes, carrot juice and berry smoothies made by Bolthouse Farms and Silk Chocolate Almond Milk.

Sunnie demanded playtime with the peacock feather. We had a few go rounds. 

The birds were very active outside this morning. Sunnie and Bowie about went through the window "hunting" them. Two birds landed on the window sill right in front of Sunnie. He went nuts! Good entertainment for the kitties and me.

Tonight's TV includes "Survivor: Philippines" and "CSI." Strike that...presidential debate took over, so we watched that.

Travel Bug out.


  1. Looking better! It seems totally unfair that enjoying food has been limited by the bands. Hoping the time goes fast for you and I'm sure eating will be a wonderful adventure again!

  2. You are one tough lady. Glad you are healing well. I believe you made a wise decision to board the pets in San Antonio then fly to Portland. Also - Best wishes for the temp job.

  3. Your face looks much better now :) You will be able to smile soon :)

  4. I agree. You do look much better.

    It takes real moxie to have this time memorialized in pictures

    Reminds all to watch our step!

  5. Sure wish I could offer to help you out with the cats but I'm allergic in addition to having the 3 doxies. I hope you might feel well enough to get together before you leave SA. Take care.


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