Mt. Rainier, south side, near Paradise Inn, Washington, August 30, 2020

Mt. Rainier, south side, near Paradise Inn, Washington, August 30, 2020
Mt. Rainier, south side, near Paradise Inn, Washington, August 30, 2020

Thursday, August 13, 2020

I Have Time to Dash Off Another Blog - Thursday, August 13, 2020.

I am actually writing this on Thursday, September 10; however, Diane Howell Evans and I walked it on August 13. Today, we took off from walking for a day, so I'm catching up a bit!

On a sunny, cool, breezy morning, we arrived at Dash Point State Park in Federal Way, Washington. We had already checked in at the start point and picked up our 5k walking directions. Then we had to drive to the start point. The driving directions weren't exactly accurate so we ended up turning around in a neighborhood and figuring out where we were supposed to go.

Once at the park, I needed to use the facilities which were at the beach (through a tunnel from the parking lot). It's a good thing I did because on the 5k walk you are completely in the woods and do not even get to see the water! Maybe the 11k walkers get to see the beach.

It was interesting finding the first trail on this walk. Thankfully, it is pretty much diagonal from the kiosk near the tunnel. When you walk back to the opposite corner of the parking lot, you have to look in the trees to find the Raven Trail sign. Off into the forest we went.

The trail went steeply up to connect with Beach Road, UP being the operative term. I was happy I had my two hiking poles with me for stability and to give extra oomph. We followed Beach Road for a distance and then had to cross busy Dash Point Road on the way to the campground. 

Camp area sign on Dash Point Road.

Be careful here if you do this walk. Dash Point Road is busy!

We walked through the campground (which had at least two bathrooms) and then followed LEVEL trails through the forest for most of the walk. It was beautiful. We then exited the level part of the walk through the campground. (HINT: When looking for a trail name, look up high on the tree trunk or you might miss them.)

Lovely trails near the campground.

One of the campsites we walked past.

From the campground, we headed down on a different trail. This trail had stairs and a pretty creek that burbled as we followed it. This was my favorite part of the hike.

Bridge over Thames Creek.

Thames Creek.
Stairs leading down to another bridge.

Picturesque Thames Creek.

From this point, the trail leveled out and it was a quick walk back to the parking lot. 
Diane Howell Evans heading
back to the car.

We are happy we did the 5k on this walk. The 11k trails had names like Heart Attack Hill, Shannon's Shin Trail, and The Toenail Trail. Yikes!

Thank you to Third Planet Volkstours Volksmarch Club for putting together this walk. Please update your directions to the park from your house so others don't end up in a neighborhood, lost. Thank you.

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