Monday, February 13, 2012

Gold (and Silver) in Them Thar Hills - Sun., Feb. 12

Virginia City, NV:
Last time we went to Virginia City, we did a 10K Volkswalk and learned the history of gold and silver mining. We walked all over the town, through residential areas and the Comstock Cemetery.

Today we headed up to Virginia City from Sparks--a much closer trip than driving from Fallon to Virginia City--to spend time looking in the shops and looking at the view.

This time in town we were able to read the history signs INSIDE the shops and saloons, as well as look at displays. There's a jewelry shop at the north end of town that has a rock and mineral museum in it with, of course, some gold and silver on display. 

Happy jail bird?

One tough cookie.

100-mile view from one of the saloons. You can barely see the light-colored mountains in the center behind the dark ranges.

Some homes downhill from the main street.

Mt. Rose Ski Area in the Sierra Nevada Mtns.

Broader view of the scenery heading down the mountain on Geiger Grade.
When our Virginia City afternoon came to a close, we headed back home and decided to celebrate Valentine's early. We had a wonderful Christmas gift from close friends in Vegas of Olive Garden gift certificates and we decided to use them for Valentine's dinner. 

Olive Garden had a three-course dinner special (limited menu) for $12.95 per person. Here's what we ate: all-you-can-eat salad and breadsticks; for entrees, I had four-cheese meat spaghetti and Bob had chicken over pasta with a smoked Gouda cheese sauce. For dessert, the options were little mousse concoctions: I opted for chocolate mousse with dark chocolate crumb crust and Bob had white chocolate mousse with dark chocolate crumb crust. What a yummy dinner. I had enough spaghetti left over for dinner the next night.

We returned to the 5er for the night. 

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  1. I visited Virginia City decades ago with my first wife. We had a great time. Then took the short jaunt up to Tahoe. Haven't been there since, unfortunately.


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