Sunday, February 5, 2012

Upcoming events to look forward to

I guess I wasn't quite done writing tonight. Here's a preview of our upcoming events...

Tuesday, Feb. 7: Bob has a roof to look at and estimate in Mammoth, CA (about three hours away). We will make this a day trip. However, he just told me tonight Mammoth has a 50% chance of snow on Tuesday. If that chance holds up he will have to's a bit hard to look at and estimate a roof with snow on it!!

Friday, Feb. 10: We are going up to Harrah's at South Lake Tahoe to have dinner with our good friends and former co-workers, Robert & Dorothea. They are here with their family for snowboarding in the Sierras. It will be so nice to touch base with them again.

Saturday, Feb. 25: Kodiak Roofing's 20 Year Celebration Party in Auburn, California at "The Ridge Golf Club."

Friday through Sunday, March 9-11: Bob is walking the Red Rock Marathon in Las Vegas on Saturday. We will drive down to Vegas on Friday, he will do the Marathon on Saturday morning, Sunday morning will be spent with his family doing brunch and we drive home Sunday afternoon/evening. 

Wednesday, March 13 - Thursday, March 22: Susan is driving to Oregon for her Mom's birthday on March 15 and will spend time with her family. Bob will stay in Sparks, work, take care of the kitties, and hold down the fort.

April: Look out, Kerrville, TX, here we come. We're taking the rig on a road trip to go to an RV-Dreams Rally for classes, seminars, socials. While we're there, we want to tour a big game ranch (with exotic animals--they were featured on 60 Minutes a week or so ago), do a volkswalk in San Antonio on April 21, go to the Blazers/Spurs basketball game on April 23, do the Riverwalk and explore Texas Hill Country. Yay, we're finally going on the road! We will spend a month traveling, then come back to Sparks, NV.

August: Yellowstone National Park for two weeks (and no work involved)! Hiking, more hiking, walking, geyser viewing, waterfall chasing, wildlife viewing. We will also spend some time in Grand Teton National Park and Cody, Wyoming.

Bob and I find it's good to have fun trips and events to look forward to. We're living the RV dream, baby, and lovin' it.

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