Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hair and Gravity - Wed., Nov. 13

On the way to the hairdresser, I stopped to do a (3.1 mile) Volksmarch at Lady Bird Park's Salado Creek Greenway Trail. It was an out-and-back walk to Tobin Park, through Los Patios shopping/dining area.

Salado Creek Greenway Trail
Today's walk was not pleasant. Trust me when I say, "You do not want to see the following signage along your path":

Stay Away! Raw sewage on ground...
This was one stinky walk! Apparently there was a problem with the sewer line along the creek. A work crew was trying to find the problem. I walked fast today and finished my 3.1 mile walk in one hour.

Seed pods in a tree.
Nice shadows.

Remember the floods San Antonio had on Memorial Day weekend? This creek flooded and you can see where debris was deposited in a tree 7' above the ground.

As soon as the walk was over, I headed to the hairdresser for some highlights and a haircut. Kim at Visions for Hair takes such good care of my hair. Thanks to Peri for recommending her.

When my hair was done, I hustled over to meet Bob at a credit union where we set up an account at a Texas bank. Our bank, U.S. Bank, is not in Texas. I may have mentioned that in a previous blog. Why U.S. Bank isn't in Texas is a mystery to me.

From there, I zipped over to Cinema Ridge for the 4:30 showing of "Gravity 3D." I agree with Catherine and JoBeth that 3D was not really needed to watch this movie. The movie was very intense with great views of the earth from space. The intensity of the predicament Sandra Bullock and George Clooney's characters find themselves in draws you right into their space adventure. Sandra Bullock did a good job expressing emotions for the problems her character encountered. Definitely academy award acting.

And that's how I spent my four days off this week. Travel Bug out.


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