Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Volksmarching with Friends in Boerne - Mon., Nov. 11

Today was the first of a number of monthly group friendship walks put on by Susan and Darren M. of the Randolph Roadrunners Volksmarch group. A group of five Volksmarchers met at the start point - Comfort Inn in Boerne - to check in for the walk at 7:30 a.m. Susan M. brought out a pan of chocolate chip/berry bars for a snack. Wow, those tasted so good!

We couldn't have asked for a nicer day, with cool temperatures and blue sky with high swirly clouds. The walk took us into many Boerne neighborhoods, through an old cemetery, and along Cibolo Creek.

What fun to walk and talk, getting to know people who instantly became friends. I spent time talking to Susan and her husband Darren who met in Germany while both of them were stationed there. Darlene was also fun to talk to. I knew Ellen from previous walks as she is president of the Randolph Roadrunners Volksmarch group.

While walking in neighborhoods it is fun to look at the homes, landscaping, flowers, dogs, cats, birds and historic markers.

The flowers in the photo below are huge! We asked the owner of the home what kind of flowers they were. Unfortunately I didn't write down what he told us and have forgotten the name.

Huge blooms on this plant.
Whimsical tree decor.
Morning gory vine.
As we approached the cemetery, Ellen and Darlene talked about the grave of "Hoppin' John." When we got to the cemetery, we found the headstone for "Indian John." No one in our group knew what he was famous for.

Cute home in Boerne.
Fragrant flowering bush with little white blooms.

Old church.

The Creek Restaurant overlooks Cibolo Creek.
Sculptures in front of a fine art gallery.

Darren and Susan M.
Susan A.
Ellen, Darren, and Susan M.
Darlene, me, Susan M., Ellen and Darren.
After the walk, four of us went to Taco Cabana. I had my usual: potato and egg burrito plus cold orange juice. The food tasted great after walking!

I'll close with a few kitty photos...The cats had never been in this cupboard before. I took out my file, sat down at the table, and was working on a couple of things. When I looked up, this is what I saw. Once again my busy cat, Bowie, was the instigator. You can see Sunnie trying to follow suit.

"I'm the king of the castle!"
"Hey, how'd you get up there?"
"Aha, that's how you did it." (Do you see
Bowie's head in the back of the cupboard?)
Sunnie didn't make it in the cupboard.
 After all that exploration and work I found a couple of zonked out cats.

On the way home from walking, I stopped by the biggest, most luxurious theater in San Antonio, the Palladium, to see if "Thor" was playing in IMAX 3D anytime soon. It started in ten minutes. With no time to waste, I bought my ticket, found my seat, and was fully engaged in the experience for the next two hours.

Tomorrow, I will write a review of "Thor: The Dark World" (IMAX 3D).

Good night. It's time for me to find my dark world. 


  1. Really good pictures from this walk. I am looking forward to volksmarching again soon, although it will probably not be until December.

  2. Love those cat antics. Ours recently discovered if we don't fully close and latch our underwear/socks drawers they can open the drawer, pull everything out, and then crawl back into the outside pass-thru storage bin. Sometime I wish they weren't so smart!


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