Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wurstfest Volksmarch - Sun., Nov. 3

After the time change it felt decadent to sleep in until it was light out. This morning we drove 45 minutes north to New Braunfels for the Wurstfest Volksmarch sponsored by the New Braunfels Marsch und Wandergruppe. Bob and I opted to do the 5K walk so we could be to Peri & Jim's 5th wheel in San Marcos by noon. With our paid walk ($3) we each received a ticket to get into the Wurstfest in New Braunfels (a $10 value).
A gentleman in lederhosen to pose with.
Sponsoring club's banner.
The walk started at The Christmas Shoppe in New Braunfels and was an out-and-back walk. The day was absolutely gorgeous, about 72 degrees. Along the route we saw a few interesting sights, including ornamental grasses, mailboxes, yard decor, flowers, and deer.

One of the storefronts in The Christmas Shoppe courtyard.
Flowers covered the fence in front of two homes.
Bob said there must have been a sale on purple paint. The mailbox matches the house and there was a small house behind the big one, also painted purple.

Cool statue of kids playing with butterflies.
We came upon the Hoity Toit Beer Joint where "You can't get there from here without a six pack." The side of the building had a hand-painted mural about the Hoity Toit.

Hoity Toit mural
Briggs & Stratton dealer.
Another unique mailbox.
 The sun was shining through the ornamental grasses this morning and looked ethereal.

I call this "Cotton Candy Grass"

We walked up to a hilltop on Lakeview Blvd. where there were many beautiful estates. As we were walking up the hill, we could see evidence of the rainstorms. The shoulder on the side of the road had deep ruts and exposed rocks from the water that must have rushed down the hillside.

I think this estate is called "Tuscany."
Quite a few deer live in the neighborhood.

At an estate called "Deerwood Springs."
Deerwood Springs estate
A young buck at Deerwood Springs.
Continuing on Lakeview Blvd., here are a few more photos...

Yard ornament - an old well pump.

Pretty mailbox holder.
 A unique front yard fence.
Cacti growing on a rock.
Beautiful buck.
Same buck with a doe.
Soon after this, we reached the checkpoint/turnaround for the 5K walk and headed back to the start point. Also in The Christmas Shoppe complex, was this carousel.

Artwork at the top of the carousel shows scenes from around the world.
When we finished the Volksmarch, we headed up to San Marcos to see Jim and Peri. I will recount that in another blog.

Travel Bug out.


  1. Nice walk and a free ticket to Wurstfest too.

  2. We were at Wurstfest a couple years ago. It was a fun festival with some good food.


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