Sunset, Kailua-Kona, The Big Island, Hawaii, March 11, 2024

Sunset, Kailua-Kona, The Big Island, Hawaii, March 11, 2024
Sunset, Kailua-Kona, The Big Island, Hawaii, March 11, 2024

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award Post

Thank you to Betty (Texas Yellow Rose) at Phoenix Once Again for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award

VBA Rules

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
  • Add the award to your blog. Done
  • Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.  Done.
  • Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.  Done.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site. Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.  Done
  • List the rules.  Done
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you seven things about yourself. (I'll tell all of you.)
Seven things about myself you might not know:
  1. I love bungee jumping! Never thought I'd do it because I'm afraid of heights. However on a familiarization tour to Nanaimo, British Columbia our tour stopped at The Bungy Zone (now called WildPlay Elements Park). I climbed to the top of the bungy bridge where there was a sign saying the oldest person (at that time) to have bungy jumped off the bridge was an 80-year-old man. I remember thinking, "If an 80-year-old man can do this, I can do it." I had a blast. That fear was conquered.
  2. I did medical transcription for 15 years.
  3. I love nature, especially waterfalls and animals.
  4. My favorite drink is water.
  5. For my mom's 80th birthday, my sister, mom and I took a three-week vacation around the American Southwest: started in Las Vegas, went to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead Recreation Area, Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, Kodachrome Basin State Reserve, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Capitol Reef National Park, Goblin Valley State Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, Natural Bridges National Monument, boat ride on Lake Powell to Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Pipe Spring National Monument and back to Las Vegas.
  6. I am a roller coaster junkie...the higher and faster the better. My absolute favorites are the coasters with the tracks on top where your legs dangle free.
  7. Pinochle is my favorite card game.
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  1. Hey, I was a home-based medical transcriptionist doing VA Hospital work for several years. Loved it! :)

    1. Betty,
      Medical transcription was one of my favorite jobs ever. I liked that I could put on headphones and type 120 wpm and still sit and think about other things. However, my last job was for an independent company. I was paid for how much I typed. This led to me typing non-stop, barely taking time to eat or a break. Some days I would work 10 hours. It made for great money, BUT the downside was I ruined my left hand/wrist.

      The diagnosis is segmental dystonia (writer's cramp--yes there is such a thing). My left hand, to this day, cramps up into a fist when I type, thus causing me to type with only my index finger on the left hand. (It's been 25 years since I quit transcription.) The doctors wanted to inject Botulinum toxin into my wrist to relax the muscles! No way, Jose!

      I had to change careers. The only other job I enjoyed as much or more than medical transcription was working for a weekly community newspaper doing inside and outside sales. I also wrote business articles about new businesses opening up in town. I loved that job. I was out and about in the community, in the Chamber of Commerce, joined a networking group, and was president of a Kiwanis Club for 18 months.

      Anyway, medical transcription was a great job for a word person.


  2. I humbly accept my award (uh, is there a cash prize that goes along with it too??!!)

    1. Cash prize? Did I miss something?

      Wouldn't that be nice!

  3. I'm so pleased at being nominated! I'm working on my homework prescribed by the rules. Thanks again!


    1. It's fun to get an award, but a bit of work involved too.


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