Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Tomorrow - Sat., Nov. 16

San Antonio is having their annual Rock 'n' Roll Marathon tomorrow. 26,000 runners are participating. Bob will be running the Half Marathon. If you are not familiar with marathons, you may not have heard of Rock 'n' Roll Marathons which are held in various locations throughout the country at different times of the year. Bob has done Rock 'n' Roll Marathons in San Diego, Phoenix and now, the half in San Antonio. He says about 30 cities now host Rock 'n' Roll Marathons. Throughout the course, bands perform rock 'n' roll music to entertain the runners.

He will be up early to drive to the AT&T center where there is parking, and will be bused back to downtown to the start point. The route goes through downtown, along the San Antonio River, past the missions and back into downtown. The temperature is supposed to be 88 tomorrow, so all his years of doing marathons in Hawaii will pay off as far as running in heat are concerned.

Havoc will be wreaked on traffic throughout downtown and the south side of town. Tourists who want to go to the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and other sites in downtown will not be able to go. Sightseeing tours in downtown San Antonio are canceled for tomorrow, city buses are on limited routes. In other words, go somewhere else.

For the past three days in the RV park office, we've had to let people know about the road closures. Our RV park is right in the middle of the route. Our guests will only have one way in and one way out of the park.

While I was working today, Bob did laundry and vacuumed. I sure appreciated that! Thank you, honey.

This evening Traveler's World RV Park hosted a Welcome Back Social for the returning Winter Texans. Everyone was invited. The park provided finger foods - chicken wings, meatballs, croissant sandwiches, fruit, cheese, crackers, veggies trays, mini cream puffs, mini cheesecake bites - and wine, beer, rum punch, iced tea, and coffee. In addition to socializing, our park manager played DJ and spun some tunes for dancing. Many country western songs were played, but we also did the Chicken Dance. A number of ladies took over the floor for line dancing. We spent two hours socializing. And, drat, I forgot my camera!

Tomorrow while Bob runs, I'm heading back to Mitchell Lake Audubon for another Volksmarch. We'll see what kinds of birds are about. I won't forget my camera, I promise.

Have a good Sunday.

Travel Bug out.


  1. Hope you have a great walk and Bob a great run, pics would great!!!

  2. I'm still getting used to the traffic woes around Phoenix. Hope Bob has a great run and I'm looking forward to some bird photos :-)

  3. Good luck to Bob! Our daughter does the Rock 'n Roll Half in Washington, DC!! Neat idea for the race.

  4. Hope Bob had a good race! I ran the Rock 'n Roll Portland half last May and thought it was great.


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