Sunset, Kailua-Kona, The Big Island, Hawaii, March 11, 2024

Sunset, Kailua-Kona, The Big Island, Hawaii, March 11, 2024
Sunset, Kailua-Kona, The Big Island, Hawaii, March 11, 2024

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finally, Rigamarole has a Scrub Down! -- Tues., Aug. 28

Today was a day to sleep in even though we have a long travel day planned. Check-out time from our campground was 11:00 a.m. By 11:30 we were in line at a Blue Beacon truck wash to get "The Rig" washed. It had not been cleaned since we were gate guarding on a dusty road in Cotulla for two months and we've been on the road for almost six weeks. The bath was overdue.

The line of semis and RVs wasn't too bad. We waited 1/2 hour for a bay to open up. They really washed "Rig" well and we got free Rain-X application from our stay at Sundowner West. When we pulled out at 12:30, our baby was gleaming white!

We headed south from Salina, Kansas, crossed the stateline into Oklahoma, stopped at a Visitor Center to pick up an Oklahoma map and information about things to see and do in Oklahoma City (OKC), OK. And back on the freeway we went. 

Huge grain silos stick up like can see them from miles away. 

Otherwise the scenery was rolling hills, farmland (corn, soybeans) and occasionally a point of interest. One place that piqued my curiosity was the Underground Salt Mines. We didn't go, so I put it on my bucket list.

I spent my time reading Prevention, Reader's Digest magazines and travel information to Bob while he drove. As we neared OKC, I used his smartphone to look up campgrounds at None of the campgrounds sounded particularly wonderful, so I googled campgrounds in Oklahoma City and found Arcadia Lake, a City of Edmond park on the north side of OKC. Arcadia Lake has four campgrounds; one campground offers full hookups--Central State Park. We decided to try for Arcadia Lake.

When we pulled up to the fee station on Tuesday at 6:15 p.m., we were told that there were no full hookup (FHU) campsites available back by the lake, but there was one overflow site left with FHU out by the main road. The site was huge but it was a bear to back into because of a curb in the middle of the entrance road with decorative plantings in it. We finally got situated and walked to the fee station to tell her we'd take the site. (You can bet once we got "Rig" in place, we had dibs on the site and it wasn't moving!)

Our impressions of Cascade State Park at Arcadia Lake: Overflow Site 512 is huge! We overlook a wetland area out our back window. We do have road noise from busy East 2nd St., but only from time to time. The site is a bear to back into with a 5th wheel. 

Overflow site 512 has full hookups.
Our site is at the entrance of the park--right off the main road. That's us behind the sign.

Not bad for an overflow site.
We drove through the FHU campground by the lake. There are pull-through and back-in sites. There are quite a few trees throughout the campground. Drive through and pick out your site before you pay. The City of Edmond Police patrol the park and the park is kept very clean. (We did not use shower facilities.) The lake is huge (26 miles of shoreline) with beaches, fishing areas, three boat launches, jet ski area, water ski area, a kid's fishing pond, trails, bird blind, Frisbee golf, playground, store, concessions, softball field and volleyball court. We think sites are first-come, first-served and that you can stay up to two weeks. We paid $48 for two nights. ($20/night camp site [Mon.-Thurs.], $2 per day per person [Mon.-Thurs.] park entrance fee.  Fri.-Mon. is $25/night campsite, $3 per day per person [Fri.-Sun.].)

At night, Bob took me out on a date to see "Hope Springs" with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep. Before the show, we ate in the 50s-themed food court outside the movie theater.

I enjoyed the movie and really got into it. Bob thought it was "okay."

A pretty good day, just a lot of freeway driving for Bob.

Travel Bug out.

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