Saturday, August 18, 2012

Turn the Page -- Fri., Aug. 17

Yellowstone National Park to Cody, Wyoming:

Moving day. Two weeks in Yellowstone was wonderful; always something new to see and do. Now it's time to turn the page and write a new chapter in our travels. Off we go to Cody, Wyoming. 

We left Fishing Bridge at 9:30 a.m. and headed over Sylvan Pass. Beautiful scenery graced our eyes with lakes, cliffs, a river and hoodoos. Hoodoos are rocks that eroded into fantastical shapes with names like Elephant Head, Holy City, Chimney, Hanging Rock, and the ones you don't have names for but make some up anyway: Bactrian Camel, The Iron, Index get the idea, make 'em up as you go along.

On the way to Cody, we passed Buffalo Bill Reservoir and Buffalo Bill Dam. The rocks
demanded we stop at the Visitor Center so I could take photos. Then, of course, we had to tour the Visitor Center. Amazing place for a dam with a natural wedge which should have made it easy to build a dam, right? Wrong! The Visitor Center has a very informative movie about building the dam in the early 1900s. What a tough environment to work in. The first few companies hired to build the dam couldn't do it and the contract was awarded to someone else.

Rocks demanding their photo be taken.

Glad they reminded me to stamp my Park Passport Book.
Bob on top of Buffalo Bill Dam.

The reservoir.

Rigamarole and The Beast.
We thought this Visitor Center was a bargain--FREE! Plus if you need to park in the farther parking lot, there is a free shuttle to take you right up to the Visitor Center. We highly recommend this stop.

From the dam, we continued into Cody to Absaroka Bay RV Park. The park is utilitarian, meaning there are few trees but lots of spaces for large RVs. You are right next to your neighbor, but there is room to put out your slides. We are back in civilization with cell phone service, high-speed internet and cable TV. After setting up the 5er, we had lunch at Taco John's across the street then made a bee-line for Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is actually five museums in one: Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, Museum of the Plains Indians, Museum of Western Art, Museum of Firearms, and Greater Yellowstone Natural History Museum. For $18 you get a two-day admission. Today I finished Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, the Museum of the Plains Indians and half of the Museum of Western Art. Bob finished the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, the Museum of the Plains Indians and part of the Firearms museum. Tomorrow we will go back to finish up.

Bob with hologram of Buffalo Bill Cody.
Yee haw!

Stagecoach used in Wild West Show.
This spoke to me. I love nature too.
Headdress of Plains Indians.
Another headdress of Plains Indians.

Diorama of Plains Indians tipi.
When the museum closed at 6:00 p.m., we walked Colter's Hell trail and read the historic markers along the path. 

Old Trail Town
There's a Super Walmart in Cody, so we stocked up on groceries for another couple of weeks. 

Dinner was at La Comida. Yummy food, reasonable prices. 

Another kitty pic...

Which cat is where?
After we finish the museums tomorrow, we plan to walk around downtown Cody. I'm exhausted. Good night.

Travel Bug out.

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